Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Death Wish : Obama Plans to Get Veterans To Pay For Their Own Medical Care For War Wounds

Is this boy back on the crack pipe?

Bad idea. Are we talking about a small army of pissed-off, discharged vets with hardened experience in battle being made to pay for their own injuries? If that's the case, I'd tell Michelle to go and pick out a black dress now. That's probably not the best group to try to push around during times like these. I think it might be Obama paying for his own medical care before they are finished with him.

Strangely enough, you'd be shocked at how many empires do this to their war veterans just before they are overthrown. Rome did it and of course many of those veterans were actually leading the charge during the first sacking and looting of Rome. They were only too happy to sell out the country that sold them out first. The barbarians were successful in part because they had the ultimate advisors on staff.

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Anonymous said...

Risk your very life for a puddle of scum that wouldn't give you the time of day outside of a photo-op and this is what you get?
America's lootocracy must pay their mercenaries very well.
USA 2009 stinks more like France 1789 every day.