Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Controlling the Food Supply

This is such a naked totalitarian move it is hard to believe anybody could fail to be frightened at what they see here.

This is happening all over. Corporations are making sure that humans can only get access to food through them. It's like Russia in 1921 all over again except this famine is probably going to kill billions, not just millions.

The people of South Central did a terrific job with this farm right in the middle of their community. Basically it was a textbook example of how to run a farm to supply food locally to the people who live there.

Somebody in government decided they'd better bulldoze it and pour concrete on top of it to make sure the only food anybody gets they buy from a supermarket.

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Anonymous said...

'Control the oil and you'll control the nations; control the food and you'll control the people.' -- Henry Kissinger