Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"The Burning Sky" (MUST*READ*VAULT-CO!)

I thought I knew it all after finishing "Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps" by Robert Felix but it turns out there is even more to the story. The links below, recommended by a visitor, contain some of the most interesting information that I have ever read on the Internet. Ever read anywhere, in fact. I can honestly say this this might be the most important thing I have ever published on Vault-Co.

If the hypothesis proves to be true, it solves many mysteries about our planet in one fell swoop. For example, trying to explain why many types of bacteria and spores on Earth mutate into super-bizarre black mushroom fungus colonies when shot with gamma radiation, like something out of a comic book.

Part 1 of Doomsday in 2012

Part 2 of Doomsday in 2012

An incredible, fortean account by the same author which will blow your mind

A discovery in the Middle East that proves we don't know a damn thing about history


Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for posting the story I found and expounding upon it. I was truly in awe of what I was reading. Now I just need to dig a vault... or find an intricate cave system nearby if I want to make it through the next "Leap." :-)

Anonymous said...

I have wondered why government entities would be screwing around with the atmosphere via HAARP and chemtrailing.

If REAL scientists are aware of periodic solar activity variances, in conjunction with periodic movement of our system across the galactic equator, it may be their attempts to salvage a remnant via exerting some "control" over the discharge coming up.

The notion of "strange attractors" comes to mind in the articles descriptions of the barycentric convergences in our system and between it and larger aggregates.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this info.

Mike M.

Sto quod exsisto sentio

Anonymous said...

As a God fearing, Christ loving Christian why do you place any value in this ancient pagan stone calendar?

Assigning mystic significance to inanimate objects idolatry!

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:09 AM

... because that isn't a pagan calendar at all. I am convinced that it in fact is a copy of a calendar which Mayan slaves were taught by rote to carve in stone by their mysterious visitor who came from across the sea in a reed boat with red hair, blue eyes and pale white skin. I doubt if the Mayans could have dug a latrine trench on their own without somebody supervising them. I also do not believe they would have built a single one of those pyramids in the shape of a Celtic burial dolmen or India ziggurat unless a white guy was standing on a tower over them with a speech horn and a bullwhip while they were doing it. The historical record shows that they began their human sacrifices and their rapid decline almost to the day that "Quetzocoatl" got back in his "magic ship" and went back across the sea to wherever he came from.

Do you know why 40,000 soldiers fell down and surrendered to Cortez when he rode out of the jungle on a horse? Because they thought their master had returned.

Wherever they got that calendar from, it wasn't around here. It was from some place we don't even know about today. I would not be all that shocked if that calendar was computed with the help of orbital satellites and radar telescopes. It seems to be awfully accurate for something a bunch of baby-eating savages in the woods who didn't even have an alphabet could have created.

Anonymous said...

There's an article at Holoscience that has a couple of paragraphs that may be relevant here:

Modern astronomers have never understood what the ancients meant when they talked about "creation." It is clear from comparative religion that creation stories are NOT about the origin of the universe. In fact, our modern view of the concept of "creation" would be incomprehensible to the authors of the religious texts. What they were memorializing was the “re-creation” of a new cosmic order in the skies following apocalyptic chaos.

...Recent genetic research has shown that the entire human race “may have been in such a precarious position that only a few thousand of us may have been alive on the whole face of the Earth at one point in time, that we almost went extinct, that some event was so catastrophic as to nearly cause our species to cease to exist completely.” It is therefore not surprising that ALL religious symbolism relates back to the heavens, the home of the capricious gods of chaos.

I asked Wal Thornhill about that article and the doomsday stuff Tex linked to. Rather than attempt to paraphrase his concise response, I'll just reproduce the meat of it:

the article of Anthony Peratt's reproduced extensively in the linked URL came from our collaboration. The term "aurora" is a studied euphemism for something that did not come from the Sun and was nothing to do with galactic alignments. I have met and heard Paul LaViolette. I give no credence whatsoever to his ideas of a disturbance from the center of galaxy like he proposes. In addition, any alignment with the galactic plane is fairly arbitrary in time and certainly cannot be pinned down to a given millennium, let alone a day!

Anonymous said...

"In addition, any alignment with the galactic plane is fairly arbitrary in time and certainly cannot be pinned down to a given millennium, let alone a day!"

...or rather _we_ can't.
It may be correct just by, um, "coincidence" going by what this bloke - and our scientific community - understands.

Anyway, I don't see how it "cannot be pinned down to a given millennium". Given that we can tell the relative velocities with astronomical equipment it should be fairly straightforward.

Or maybe I'm oversimplifying it.


Anonymous said...

That "tells-all" story is a great piece of fiction. Pretty fun.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?