Friday, February 27, 2009

You Knew It Was Coming - Marxist Scumbag Shows His True Color - RED

Commie, commie pants on fire. Call it the truth but you're a liar.

Marxists always say one thing, mean something else and their actions betray another agenda different altogether. The worst way to understand a Marxist is to listen to what he is saying because they always, always lie nonstop 24/7 it's part of their political ideology ... they tell themselves that because it's for a "good cause" any means are justified including concealing their real beliefs and intentions until they gather enough power to show themselves for who they really are.

If the Founding Fathers were here today they'd be knee deep in spent shell casings on full automatic. Thomas Jefferson would smash through the capital rotunda dome glass ceiling on a rappelling line with a powdered wig on, a live grenade in each hand like Chuck Norris and strapped with enough C-4 to take out half of Washington.

Thanks for destroying what was left of the 'Kwa, jerkoffs

Britain realizes far too late that America knew what it was doing all along


trueaim said...

Tex, that's your best post ever! Bring it on comnmie scumbags we're ready for ya!!!

Anonymous said...

I still don't trust these fools, and never will.
In fact, disjointed fits and starts like this on the domestic scene cause me some very grave concerns for President Obama's foriegn policy.

The more I share stories {and the backstories} like this with my family the more they accept my calm pronouncement that one day I will have no choice but to go to war against my own Government.
I have resigned myself to it like cleaning a toilet or taking out the trash. A distasteful chore that must be performed for good health and hygiene.

I may accept being Governed, but I will never be Ruled.

Bad Dad