Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Washington Times Finally Gets It : Globalwarmthinkery is Baloney, We're About To Experience The Mother Of All Famines

Vault-Co got it right. Robert Felix got it right.

There will be fighting in the streets over food long before people start to freeze to death in appreciable numbers.

As Robert Felix also pointed out recently, this is a hell of time for governments to be disarming their own people. It could be a gun will be the only thing standing between you and hungry people soon.

Even A Mild Dalton Minimum is going to lead to massive famine. A Maunder Minimum will reduce human population to 10% of what it is now.

Vault-Co says it's going to be worse than the Maunder Minimum. If you look at Robert Felix's charts in ICE AGE NOW, it is apparent we are the crest of the warming wave. After this there is a cliff we fall into in which the Sun apparently goes out altogether for quite some time. I'd describe it as "maintenance mode" for solar output.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've mentioned it before Tex but how will Australia change during an ice age? Also, if you could emigrate to any other nation would you still choose Australia?

Texas Arcane said...

Australia will be colder, drier and less amenable to wide scale farming. Otherwise it's the best nation on Earth to survive an Ice Age in.

Australia has never undergone glaciation in the history of the continent according to geologists.

Anonymous said...

Well I will take South Texas. We may have our drug gangs and the sleazeballs in DC but we will survive that and glaciers dont get this far south.