Monday, February 9, 2009

Vault-Co Was Right : They ARE COMING.

Casual site visitor to Vault-Co circa 2004 : Haw haw! What kinda nut is this dude?!? He sez there's gonna be warbots fighting with organic brains like the terminator or something in World War III! Whatta maroon! He sounds like a schizo who forgot to take his meds! Where do these fruitcakes come up with this stuff?!? This stuff is so far out there this guy ought ta be committed!!! Haw haw!

It's 2009. Vault-Co was right. Everybody else, including Peter Singer in the link above, is just a Johnny-Come-Lately capitalizing on what is now blatantly obvious.

There are at least six nations now working on killer robots for the front line of their military. Given previous experience with innovation in warfare and implements of destruction, we can pretty much guarantee this tech is going to evolve so quickly that you'll get a laser through the brain before you ever realize what is happening.


Anonymous said...

Eventually these robots will be great for killing Jihadis.

Anonymous said...

It's all mass produced and clunky by nature, like the traditional army: good for protecting tyrants from domestic unrest. Engineers should be working on applications that give super powers to individuals for an affordable price. One individual = one superpower = true for every individual = the first day of freedom.

Anonymous said...

To highlight your story some, check on the U.S. armed robot program, it's failed 2 tests now,of course what they consider failure on the part of the robot was probably not a genuine failure at all. On their first test they accidently, yeh right, armed it with live ammo and it killed several people during a demonstration. On another test, unarmed, it turned it's guns on the big wig bystanders, way to go bot, keep up the good work. Soon to be patrolling a neighborhood near you! Reality is stranger then fiction sometimes.

Vault 13

Anonymous said...

I wonder what they are doing with the cloning technology they discovered way back in the 90's. been awful quiet regarding that as of late.