Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The United States Empire Is Finished

The last people to get the news like the British before them : the people who live there. They see it but they still think cappuccino service will not be interrupted.

Paul Craig Roberts on the country that is not taken seriously anymore except for it's nuclear weapons. The War On Terror was a hoax to try to jumpstart a wartime economy in recognition of the fact their fiat currency system was also a hoax.

Nations are the most efficient and stable form of social organization the world has ever known. Nobody has ever improved on this arrangement. Globalism and multiculturalism killed the West like a cyanide pill. The truth is, these protomarxist ideologies are failed ideas just like all of marxist ideas have always been failures. The European Union was imposed on unwilling people who were too slack to fight back during the good times. The mass media is trying to use the same old tricks to frame the struggle to oppress the opposition but this time that won't work.

Part of America's weakness revealed is the utter loss of ability to restrain it's former client states. The U.S. is now a nation that is shouted down by what was formerly a colony. If they can't even maintain the rule of law on their borders then they are not going to be able to help Swindler Central when the chickens come home to roost. This time, beany babies are going to orchestrate their own strategic defeat and the U.S. lacks the power to save them from themselves through intervention as the hegemon.

The corporate failures we see going on now have implications that extend decades. There ain't no coming back from where the 'Kwa is going.

The same idiots who said all this would never happen were the same morons who claimed China would bolster the world economy. They can't bolster themselves and very soon they will have to start selling their American holdings.

Anybody who thinks this will end in a nice slow glide into penury and pauperism for the U.S. without a nuclear war at the end isn't thinking hard enough. Try thinking it through again and you'll see how this ends the same way I did a decade ago.


Anonymous said...

Re: Zionism

Makes for interesting propaganda


CadorBolin said...

Unfettered free trade is a failed dream:

Pot, meet kettle

This is the same country that whines and complains when the 'kwa politicians just use political posturing to put limits on H1-B and outsourcing.

The economic growth of India and China was based on feasting on the corpse of Amerikwa.

Anonymous said...

Through with the China fanboyism?