Monday, February 2, 2009

Tolerance Is Seen As Weakness By Psychopaths

Pretty good article by Peter Hitchens, sounds like a general rant but it's actually touching on a quite a lot of resentment out there that is normally never mentioned by the mass media. There comes a point when people will start to fight back, unfortunately it's usually only after they have lost the means to do so.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

I think you'll appreciate this site Tex:

For the most part, these people are actually more like malignant narcissists, not quite psychopaths, as a psychopath is more like a rabid dog.

CadorBolin said...

I read this the other day.

"Next, the grandparents are informed that the children are to be put into the care of a homosexual couple. And - this is the crucial moment - they are warned in the most terrifying terms that if they object to this arrangement they will never see their grandchildren again."

The upside of worldwide famine, Great Depression II and social collapse is that the parasites that have overrun the system will die off.

andyboots37 said...

Great post.

I think he touches on the unspoken and inevitable scenario that has been bubbling under the conscious mind of many a true believer. Which is; when is the jumping off point? When do I run the risk of losing my everyday securities in lieu of clinging to the truth?

My employer has gone to biometrics. First a time sheet, then a punch-clock, then a swipe card, now biometrics to scan your RIGHT hand. Makes a chip in your RIGHT hand seem like a minor and trivial adjustment doesn't it? It's coming. The same way a force feeding of macabre sexuality is.

The gay agenda will stop at nothing the same way the insatiable hordes stopped at nothing when they wanted to rape the beings in the house before God made them go blind in Genesis. Relentlessly aggressive and quintessentially demonic.

They have no desire to be born again so God does the only thing left to do. He destroys them.

May the Holy Spirit who dwells in every true believer lead all the members of God's true family in these final moments of human history.

Andy Boots.

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