Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sheeple Believe They Need No Longer Fear A Nuclear War

It's sad. It's closer than ever and the average person on the street believes because the arbitrary focus has moved off it, that means it must no longer be imminent.

Imagine being locked in a dark basement with a congenital idiot and you have a flashlight. You point the flashlight at various objects and ask the idiot what it is the two of you are looking at. "A wheelbarrel." "A sack of cement." "A coal furnace."

You stop and turn off the flashlight for a moment and ask him, "What was the last thing I just brought to your attention?" and he replies "I can't remember. You don't have the flashlight shining on it anymore for me."

This is the way that sheeple brains work.

Remember how for a few weeks after the tsunami everybody was running around warning about tsunamis and thinking about tsunamis? A year later, they couldn't really remember what a tsunami was. By that time it was some other mayfly attention span subject.

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