Saturday, February 7, 2009

Russia Knows The 'Kwa is Easy Pickings Now

The 'Kwa is a nation completely, utterly out to lunch.

“But there is an overwhelming view in Moscow now that the Americans are in decline and will be forced to negotiate with Russia from a position of weakness. They seem to expect all the concessions to come from Obama. It is very unrealistic.”

The response from Washington has been muted. Russia is simply not a high priority for the new president. Western analysts believe Russia’s production of Iskander missiles is not enough to base any significant numbers in Belarus as well as on its southern borders. As for the rapid reaction force, it is regarded with wry amusement in Brussels. None of Russia’s would-be allies wants to be used as a pawn in some muscle-flexing contest with Washington. Even Abkhazia is unhappy about becoming a vast military base for its neighbour.


Dagorkan said...

Nice to see you back at the codex Cleve. Why do you use "Knightrider" as your username though? I thought you always used your own name.

Texas Arcane said...

I think you don't know much about me.

Using an alias to conceal your identity on the Internet is without question queer. I would never do it. You have confused me with somebody else.

trueaim said...

The United States of Israel and NATO need to keep their billion dollar herion crop flowing, as it is one of the few profitable industries they have left. The Afgani natives are not too happy it was stolen off them in the first place and want their drugs back, and Russia and China have decided to take a gamble on the Afgani warlords and swing them some weapons under the table, so to speak. America is dumb enough to go marching into a trap, right there in Afganistan where no prying eyes can see, a significant American force will be cut off encircled and slaughtered. Then the real reason why the Yanks and NATO were there would be released to the world public - Herion. America's reputation already badly tarnished from the finacial crisis would be totally humiliated plus defeated in battle. America would then start to break up as certain states secede, Russia sures up her borders and takes back Eastern Europe, China and Japan face off for Asia.

Anonymous said...

Trueaim your viewpoint is the most comical I've seen so far. The possibility of the US collapsing into bickering states over a drug scandel is 0 to negative, and unless you know this for a fact because you served in the US armed forces in Afghanistan I say stop talking retarded smack about that which you do not know. I've been there, I've killed there, got the t-shirt, haven't ever had anything to do with any drugs there, niether have any of my buddies. WMDs, on the other hand, and no I am not talking about nuclear, but chemical and biological instead which for some strange reason the media doesn't consider to be weapons of mass destruction or something. We found that stuff all the time in Iraq. Then it is reported that a whole warehouse of the stuff was found and of course the media being so liberal puts it on page 14 of the Times. Look around, should have been in the paper in 2004. Stranger still, that when ever we found WMDs the CIA would sweep in and take the stuff then our commanders would tell us that we never found anything, that we were mistaken, even though we did the testing to verify it and had casualties caused by it who still have it documented in their medical records that they were exposed to serin among other things and still cough up black stuff and puke blood years afterwards with no cure in sight. Chew on that little bit of first hand truth and make up some funny stuff for us to read.

Vault 13

trueaim said...

'Vault 13', You say you and your army buddies were exposed to 'serin' which you assumed were WMD's but nobody believed you. Would this be because 'serin' are small birds of the finch family???????
But suppose for a minute your not just another crazy 'kwan in a uniform, suppose your on to something and Saddam and Company were breeding birds that looked like 'serin', identicle to your common canary but were trained to be very aggressive and attack innocent 'kwans on sight, just like in Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', could that be classified as a potential threat from a biological WMD? It's a long shot but if it's true than your justified.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Trueaim you had me in stitches, that was completely out of left field. But yes you are right, I had meant to write sarin, and I wasn't exposed, some of my soldiers were, the ones who handled the chemical artillery shells. You can call me what you want, I believe in the IDEA that is America, not the amerikwa it has become, but I have faith that things will right themselves one way or the other, either they walk off the cliff of their own free will or they're pushed off. As far as crazy, I am preparing here locally and with others across this nation, I read yours and others blogs on this website and others just as you do, just not as cynical. So maybe your just as crazy or worse, at least I have a listening ear, and an open mind in regards to things that I don't know for fact from experiences, otherwise I wouldn't even bother listening to your banter. Now don't take what I have to write to you the wrong way, I have nothing against you, I just get heated when I am either directly or indirectly accused of things I know not to be true, otherwise I either agree, support or could care less. Of all my postings, yours was the only one that egged a civilly negative response for inadvertantly questioning my integrity and honor by accusing me of being a drug dealer. Just because I've worn a uniform for the better part of two decades doesn't make me a kwan or crazy, only my distorted view of reality from the norm makes me considered crazy, and many of you have that same view, so calling me crazy is similar to pouring gasoline on yourself and another and then striking a match to set the other ablaze, quite foolish actually warranting a darwin award. But really, thanks again for the comic response, it was in good taste.

Vault 13