Friday, February 6, 2009

Phil Brennan on The Ice Age Extinction Cycle

This is quite simply a must-read article.

Phil Brennan is going to get kicked off NewsMax pretty soon if he keeps writing stuff this raw. They like their news with a dab of perfume and some makeup over there and Phil isn't working in their vein anymore with some of the stuff he is writing.

Basically, I knew about all of this in 1998, a year after Phil. This is the reason I set to work on the shelter. I knew everything was coming to a head in 2012 and that this would be the start of a new Ice Age, which had come to mean something very different to me than it means to everybody else. Ice Ages are about more than cold weather. They're not about glaciation. They represent a tipping point in which everything down here changes. Not just the climate. The magnetic field of the Earth changes and with that change it triggers massive volcanism on land and on the ocean floor.

It's a bottleneck. Without it, we would never have gotten more complicated than a lemur or shrew. It's a cycle and it is the reason we exist. I believe that the Creator has manifested himself through this cyclic phenomenon and produced mankind. It's all just a little too convenient and it seems designed to produce better men.

So before you despair about people, remember they ain't quite the immortals they act like. Could be they're some dross about to be skimmed off to reveal the fine smelted silver beneath. Always keep in mind that the cycles are designed to operate this way and without the decline man we would never have the energy to slingshot better men.

As you get older, you'll start to see how all of this is part of a much, much bigger cosmic picture. It's the nature of the universe, these cycles.

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