Monday, February 9, 2009

The 'Kwa Is A Damned Nation

Paul Craig Roberts on where the Kwanzanians are going and why they won't be coming back.

Obama is starting a war in Afghanistan that is going to put the 'Kwa on a collision course with Russia and China over resources in this area. This war that Barry Soetoro is initiating at the behest of his handlers is the beginning of World War III, global thermonuclear war.

Vault-Co said ten years ago that the conflict over oil in the Caspian region would not only bring Russia and China into direct confrontation with the United States, it was going to result in the grab for Taiwan that would trigger a nuclear exchange between the east coast of China and the West coast of America. The next few years are going to see the ugliest, dirtiest war that has ever been imagined by the human mind play out as a reality with no country on earth able to abstain.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

I think Roberts is incorrect about international trade in principle, but I agree that with our system of managed trade and the Federal Reserve, our country is being consigned to poverty.

I do not believe in the Christian god, but with the repeated lies and delusions that I see coming out of the government and its priests, I do believe this: Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Still, I see some reason to hope in a lot of Americans: few believe the stimulus would do anything and more and more understand the destructiveness of the national debt. It may be too little too late for this country, but there may yet be hope for some of its people.

As Vault-co's philosophy is the same as the boy scouts: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It is prudent to prepare for nuclear war and pandemic, but it is painful.

Alex said...

Tex, not sure if you have previously linked to this interview with US congressman who reveals the US was 3 hours away from total economic collapse which would have triggered a complete political collapse: