Monday, February 9, 2009

The 'Kwa Began At The End of A Mini-Ice Age

... and it will now close out at the tail end of that brief spring, that agricultural and spiritual flowering that produced the modern era. It is 200 years later and we're not just due for a mere Dalton Minimum (which would be apocalyptic by itself alone) but rather one of the lowest ebbs of them all, the grand Solar Retrograde Cycle which ends several successive cycles of warmth during the last 2000 years of civilization. Robert Felix talks about this cycle in Not By Fire But By Ice.

All these things are connected and they are related one to the other in an unbroken chain of causality.

Most of the early Presidents of the United States lived in much warmer times than today with longer summers and fantastic harvest seasons. This large agrarian class that flourished was good fertile ground not just for plants but also for ideas, like the sanctity of the individual and freedom from tyranny. Those farmer-soldiers were the perfect citizens of the Republic and it was geared to serve them by letting each man enjoy his vineyard and the summer of his existence to take pleasure in his God, his family, his community and his world.

It is the great end of the wonderful Spring that created our entire Western society and history. The fall grasshoppers are still springing around mindlessly and jabbering away that we are only entering a new and even warmer summer ... but the winter has come and the light must go out. It's Vault-Co time.

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