Friday, February 20, 2009

How Many Prior Nuclear Wars?

I would not be surprised if the true number of previous nuclear conflicts is a number that would boggle the mind.

Our own cycle will probably just be another drop in the bucket, hardly original or distinguishable from any other prior nuclear war. Stupid humans doing what they do best, dying screaming and descending into another shrouded era in which they will all forget almost every single thing they know. Hell, they're well on their way now. What most people know about the world could be written on a postage stamp. Listen to them rattle on about the "?bailout?" without being conscious of the irony. It used to be called "debauching the currency." They don't know about any of that. They scarcely know anything.

At the start of the Dark Ages in England, the people had given up so much they should have inherited from classic Rome and Greece they could be considered neolithic peoples living in mud huts. Reading and writing, books and scribes were virtually unknown except for the occasional rock carving in a cliff wall like the Flintstones. Mind you, all that decline happened within a few generations. There were monasteries where some scrolls of the past were still archived and preserved but for all the average person would know, the entire universe may have been created in 800 A.D. out of thin air without prehistory at all.

Like in Asimov's Nightfall, the long darkness descends and snuffs out what precious little reasoning power they had to begin with. After that runs it's course, they will remember nothing of the past. They hardly can remember anything now.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

What I'm wondering about though is if the survivors of the prior nuclear wars were people like Vault-Co and by extension it is the descendents of those people who inherited the earth, then why did technology die out completely each time to have to be relearnt all over again?

zwick said...

Tex, check this out; the Gobekli Tepe site . It's in SE Turkey and is still a work in progress. It is thought to be a temple complex that is over 11000 years old. So according to the "experts", these structures are older than the pyramids, and built when Humans were all hunter-gathers. The carvings on the "T" shaped pillars of various animals are incredible.