Friday, February 20, 2009

Doom Is Coming For The West

Stock Market now moving into Great Depression losses

Point Man For the NWO Warns of Coming Megariots in the U.S.

I've seen all of this coming for so long and it's eerie as hell whenever it gets here. Nobody is more shocked than I am when exactly what I have predicted starts to come to pass. I think I'd give anything to be like everybody else and be incapable of foreseeing the natural consequences of irreversible circumstances and the blatantly obvious but I can't. My brain has no "fuzzy fog" generator like that of "normal" people. It doesn't obscure for me on demand. That's the curse of Asperger's and it's a knife that cuts both ways.

UK Is Going To Crash Like Iceland, Soon

Not Even The Nazis Blessed Targeting of Children In War

As late as 1944, the Nazis would bring the hammer down on psychopaths in their ranks. You might suggest it was because they always wanted to maintain discipline in their military and not permit chaos or barbarism to flourish because it undermined effectiveness ... you might be right about that, too. As late as 1944, German soldiers were tried, convicted and hung for killing civilian children deliberately. All it took was the word of two reliable witnesses and some evidence and they had no qualms about handing out the death penalty liberally. Amon Goeth was found already convicted and sentenced to death by the Germans when they won the war. He had been committed to a mental institution because when his crimes came to light it was widely believed the man was a stark raving psychotic. Why the Germans would put such a man in charge of the camp to begin with (?) is a question easy to raise. The point is, even the Nazis drew the line when it came to cruelty and misconduct in war.

Outside of Israel, there is no nation in modern history which has tolerated the casual killing of children by soldiers during warfare or occupation. It's a sign you have relinquished authority and is a stupid way to manage discipline, among other things. It's a sign your leadership is unable to impose standards for fear of their own men and their impulsive barbarity. It's the kind of problem that afflicts mongolian raiders and crude barbarian invasions. The leaders don't have much control over their troops, they just lead the charges into the villages they have picked.

General Motors is dead, like the 'Kwa

There will be no middle class in the 'Kwa a year from now

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