Saturday, February 14, 2009

Britain : Smell The Doom Smackdown Coming

It's no shock that they can't seem to solve their problems - that's what happens when you suppress freedom of speech. The usual suspects operate without controls and without any limitations. Whenever you use the law to narrow the spectrum of opinion you are effectively breaking the feedback mechanism that allows ills to be corrected and fixed.

The root of this whole mess started when a fool could use some fabricated moral perogative to prevent others from challenging what was obviously a false assertion. The second you restrict speech you throw the barn door open to psychopaths and tyrants, who are always waiting in the wings for just such opportunity to behave without restraints, be it in finance or the military or legislation.

Making Christian ideas verboten, permitting no historical analysis and shutting down anyone who was outside the political mainstream was signing Britain's death warrant many, many years ago. The government they got was the one they deserved. If they'd discussed and disseminated Enoch Powell fifty years ago they'd have never gotten themselves into this hopeless mess.

Given enough time, these kinds of pretensions will cause a nation to become allergic to the truth of their own self-interest which is just one step removed from suicide.

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