Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bond Bubble Is The Next To Pop

... and that won't be the end either. One month after another, this entire year, there are at least nine different financial sectors that have yet to collapse, each one of them taking out the last and final supporting economic pillars of the Western world.

It is likely that the U.S. will soon go public with a default on the interest of their phunny munny, followed by the derivatives market (which hinges on currency issues to conceal losses) and then of course your big tamale that will blow it sky high, treasury securities which will be withdrawn from sale because China, Japan and the Middle East will be buying gold instead. That is the day that the U.S. dollar will approach parity with the Weimar Republic's infamous currency and most of it will end up burned for heat, plugging holes in refugee camp tents or being used as toilet paper.

On that day, it will be babies the other white meat. The West will start making some radical, frenzied actions that are like the throes of a beast bleeding to death and warfare will be foremost in their strategems to keep their delusionary world alive. Don't be fooled, the government knows what is coming but tells the sheeple that the trough will be full as always with plenty of loose credit around feeding time.

Yes, I know you think Vault-Co is crazy and that we are exaggerating. Wait until this summer and tell us you think that again.

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Enigma said...

Brother, I don't your crazy, a little jiggy maybe, but the times seem to require it.

I read your blog everyday, please continue the good work.