Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Horrifying Globowarmthinker Story

Unprecented ice on Lake Erie fomented an old time ice hut village on the lake for ice fishermen, something that has been uncommon since the turn of the century. A slab like a small country actually broke off and started to float away from the Ohio shore carrying 140 souls on it. You can imagine what kind of thickness of ice we are talking about here that makes the locals confident enough to build huts out there far from shore. There have even been reports of joyriders driving out on the lake for a mile, setting up a campsite and spending the night, then driving back in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Tex that story rocks! Put that in your pipe and smoke it gorites!

Patriot said...

Your favourite amoral ponzi-scheme pricks are already at it, as I note from an opportunistic "climate change" news story that's doing the rounds at the moment - "Victorian Premier John Brumby said a royal commission would investigate every aspect of the Victorian bushfires, including the possibility of greater danger resulting from climate change." Note the use of the more ambiguous climate change phrase as opposed to global warming - it's important to hedge your bets.

As an aside, Tex, did you see that couple who survived their house burning down because they took shelter inside their concrete bunker that the bloke's wife persuaded him to build under the family home? Simple thing made of bessa blocks. It looked like it had a concrete water tank next to it that was about the same size as the living space.
Naturally, the media didn't go into any greater detail about the setup's ventillation, pressure valves etc.

A government made up of at least semi-intelligent individuals with an understanding of their duties would take this opportunity to prevent future loss of life by initiating a basic nation-wide Civil Defense program. Instead, we have a blubbing wimp who I suspect will implement a new colour-code alert system, and maybe some tv ads to rival his predecessor's fridge magnet rollout.

Anonymous said...

...but back to the ice.

This is incontrovertible proof, dammit, of global warming. Because without the devastating and irreversible effects of anthropomorphic global warming this horror scenario would never have happened.

How,? Well, um. gimme a minute... the unprecedented and devastating increases in average global temperatures attributable to human-induced anthropomorphic CO2 and greenhouse scarygas emissions, such temporary "cool spell" aberrations as are currently occurring throughout slightly less...yes...LESS than half the world (which makes it a minor inconvenience and not sufficiently significant to impact our climate models) - such aberrations would previously (prior to anthropomorphic GW which, incidentally, everyone knows is true, or at least everyone worth listening to) would have been much colder indeed and provided both a more significant reprieve from the overwhelmingly unprecedented proven historical greenhouse heat trend and also a significantly thicker ice cover rendering the lake ice 100% safe for such idiots to wander around on catching their lunch.

This is INCONTROVERTIBLE proof of AGW and it also shows that it's all your fault. People like you should be ashamed of yourself for denying the facts and hard science such as this that I have just made up.

YOU caused that poor man to fall in the ice-cold water (although clearly nowhere near as ice-cold as it would have been prior to the devastating and irreversible onslaught of AGW) and have a fatal heart attack.

It's ALL YOUR FAULT!!! I hope you're proud of yourself. AND you probably lit the fires in or people like you.


(For your penance you shall purchase fifteen hundred dollars worth of carbon credits and donate them to the industry of your choice.)