Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All this is not going to last much longer

It will be obvious fifty years from now but until then most people can't see it when they're in it. It's comical, tragic and primed to collapse pretty catastrophically. As luck would have it, this decline is timed to coincide perfectly with major demographic change and radical climate shift. Did I mention about a hundred other natural pressures like super-rust and resource conflict all coming to a head around the same time? It couldn't be worse if somebody planned it that way.

Stuff like this would normally sound insane but after thirty years of watching televitavision, most just don't know any better. Men can get used to nearly anything no matter how crazy if there is a consensus. I believe we are getting to the point where nature then weighs in on the argument and essentially slams the entire civilization into the garbage tip as fundamentally unsound.

Nearly all the major civilizations we know of collapsed around the same time as rapid shifts in the natural world. The truth is, declining societies cannot weather tiny little bumps without falling over and breaking like cheap china plates. The first seige and sacking of Rome was almost an act of mercy.

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CadorBolin said...

I was thinking about the stimulus package and the bailouts that have been going on in the US. I was wondering if the main motivation for propping up the 'Kwa was so that it's consumer market for the rest of the world's goods could be sustained. Several toy factories have been closed in China, outsourcing contracts in India have slowed down. A crumbling 'Kwa is bad for business.

Getting back to your post; I despise this soulless internationalism--producing several generations of effete he-SHEs. Looking at science fiction pop culture of the past 40-60 years is like an anachronism. Flash Gordon, Captain Kirk, Magnus (Robot Fighter), Han Solo are he-men who do not fit in the worlds that they reside. It's getting more and more like Star Trek: Next Generation rather than the original.

I'd rather shovel sh*t for a living than be a house husband, I don't care how badly the globalists have f***ed the economy for me.