Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Zionists Are Stupid People

For all their supposed cunning, I've never met one who appeared to me to understand the simple causality in Jimmy Carter's reasoning. He's spot on in seeing the long term result of a one-state solution in the Middle East for Israel. Even from the most machiavellian viewpoint, if one were to consider the subject objectively, it appears that Zionists have no experience or aptitude for :

1. Running a civilization and keeping it intact
2. Getting along with others (deterrence as well as respect for agreements)
3. Using a military for anything but reckless ventures and failed strategic moves
4. Avoiding making enemies out of complete strangers
5. Sound financial management of an economy in terms of the rule of law

It is obvious that secular Israel is a transient, temporary affair that is pretty certain to end in the near future. First of all, they can't find anybody who wants to live there. Secondly, they can't keep them from perpetually moving away. A nation without a people to live in it is not a nation.

Tribal morons as crude as cro-magnon peoples

If God didn't tell them to murder civilians, by that I mean a talking burning bush, then Israel has committed some of the worst war crimes in modern history. The very worst, in fact. The Geneva Convention has come to mean nothing during the barbaric, inhuman and apelike conduct of the Israeli and U.S. military campaigns.


CadorBolin said...

Nothing upsets the jews more than when you start to advocate non-jewish immigration to Israel and racemixing between Palestinians and Jews. If it's good for America and Europe, why not for Israel?

If the 'kwa were to elect a President who is not beholden to AIPAC or Jewish good press and then declare impartiality between the Palestinians and Jews, the latter would wither and die within weeks.

Israel is only sustainable with the help of 'kwan tax dollars and the threat of the 'kwa military.

Anonymous said...

Carter seems to think that "Apartheid" or ethnic cleansing would be a problem for the Zionists. Take a look at the last 60 years. It is not a problem. Not as long as they control the media in the Kwa.