Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why The World Feels Wrong

Honestly, this could be one of the most important things you ever read or think about. Read it from beginning to end and think carefully about what the author is saying.

For me this has been one of the biggest paradigm shifts I have had in recent years. Once I began to grasp it, it was almost like a thick fog parted for me in terms of my understanding.


Anonymous said...

"The world feels wrong because psychopaths run it. "

Bingo. Give that man a cigar.

I've brought this up before. I think what it is, is a psycho-social cycle, whereby the psychopaths increase their power over a period of time to the point where they actually threaten the functionality of the system. For the most part the sheep are easily bamboozled by these psychotic wolves they usually call 'leaders'.

IMO the true battle between good and evil is the one which takes place for the minds and souls of the sheep - on the one side the wolves, on the other, people like us - the sheepdogs - ho try to protect and warn the sheep - usually to no avail.

IMO this is where the concept of Original Sin actually applies - there exists a core group of people whose sole ambition is to feed of the efforts, souls and bodies of the sheep. These are the foundation of evil in our societies and they continue to thrive because up to this point, the human race has lacked the tools, the intelligence levels and the cojones to identify them and to root them out.

Don't believe me ?

Go back to junior high school and tell me these types of people do not exist.

What you are experiencing right now is the culmination of 80 years leadership by thelatest crop of psychopaths - the fruits of their labor are clearly rotten and stinking - and at least to this point in time, the sheep have yet to suffer enough to root them out.

They will tho - suffer that is. I think, horribly, this time around.


Anonymous said...

I will add :

The other day I had a long, unusual conversation with my wife, who was born in China, at the tail end of the Cultural Revolution. My question to her was, given an almost unlimited amount of money (Bill Gates style) could any individual person use that money/power to influence the people of this planet to move towards the light - to stop placing these fuckwits into positions of power again an dagain and again. To wakd up and start using their brains, to make the right decisions, the right sacrifices to move the whole human race forward.

We came to the conclusion that it was an impossible task. The wolves have fed on the sheep for tens of thousands of years, and the sheep show little or no ability to recognize this fact, much less to do something about it.

One way or another, for the hman race to survive and move forward, the psychopaths mut be rooted out and destroyed. I think we are on the cusp of human civ right here, right now. We had a small window of opportunity (fossil fuels) to use in order to jumpstart our technological levels the point where we can get into space. If we fail, as a race, and that window closes, humans will then revert to the caves and it will be game over.

It might have occurred to some of you that whatever is coming down the pike that would require a Vault, might in fact be a very good thing for the human race. After all, it clearly will be the sheep dogs who will be the sole type of human willing to prepare.

If there is an ekpyrosis coming, anything that increases our numbers, and decreases the numbers of both sheep and wolves is undoubtedly a very good thing for the human race as a whole.

Drink up Shriners, maybe the future will be brighter than we thought.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that should have been anything that increases the prevalence of our DNA should be a very good thing - because I believe that the DNA of sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs is FUNDAMENTALLY different.

So much so, that I would consider us 3 species inhabitng the sme ecological niche.

Tell me - sheepdogs/Vaulters/preppers - that you have something in common with either of the other two groups and I will laugh my ass off at your naivete.


JP said...

This would explain why one's constantly seeing stories in the news about child-rape scandals in departments of Youth Commissions or Child Protective Services; the smart pedophiles get themselves into positions of power over children. And it's the same story in every element of society.

Author David Brin wrote, "It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power."

sumptos devil s advocate said...

"2. Meanwhile, the same populace that has intimate experience with lying politicians appears utterly smitten with a smooth-talking new president promising change and demanding sacrifice."

Following up on the above:

KWJ said...

This is the evolution of feudalism into what I call neo-feudalism. One achieves status by favour with the overlord - the psychopath in charge. (see Greene's 48 laws of power for an idea of the psychopaths code) Moral people of good intentions have no defense against the psychopath simply because the psychopath has no limits of behaviour and can thus adapt to any situation. Psychopaths ultimately destroy everything because they are incapable of genuine creation. Everything a psychopath builds is stolen or defrauded from another.

andyboots37 said...

This guy has totally got it nailed down.

I watched a documentary recently that said psychopaths are either doing life in jail or making 6-7 figures in skyscrapers. I appreciate how the author takes it a step further to say that they are at various lower levels of government too. An ambition to have clemency for deviant behavior is granted and safeguarded by other like-minded psychos who've gone before them. The web festers.

From the supreme court justice who sanctions kiddie-porn rings (because he's a diddler too) to the municipal court justice who rubber stamps the routine fleecing of unsuspecting private college students when the administrators are brought to court. They are twice dead.

The people born with a conscience can't quite get their heads around this. The ones devoid of the burden of having a conscience take advantage of the ones they know who do. Sadly, these imps have infested the "church". But God knows whose are His.

It's the only explanation that makes sense.

I can't help but think of the parable of the Gardener who plants seed and then leaves. Another comes and plants his demon seeds in with them.


1 Tim 4:2


Edifying piece.

Thank you

Andy B.

Texas Arcane said...

I think that the decision for a person to become a nuclear shelterist is when they finally realize (in their gut, not just a conscious acceptance) that the nature of a civilization run by psychopaths will always be huge boom-bust cycles ending finally in one big bust.

A thousand year ago this meant a massive crop failure, a famine and being overrun by another nation and destroyed. Nowadays, the exact same cycle is in place except the bust cycle will feature unrestrained use of nuclear weapons, which changes the magnitude and scale of the bust cycle into something almost new in the scheme of things. Once people learn to see the obvious all around them, I think however inconvenient you must build a Vault as preparation. Going forward unless you are innately suicidal without proper shelter in a world like this is just not wise.

Anonymous said...

Damn Tex,that was vintage vault at it's finest !!!!
You know what ? I realised a few months ago everything this guy was saying,only not in words.I was talking to my dad about the .govs insanity of Multi-Kult and dad said it doesn't make sense.Then the light went on inside and I realised,It never makes sense if you ASSUME the government wants to act in the best interests of the public.Once you get past that EVERYTHING starts making sense.

Anonymous said...

Whether taken as merely allegorical or as an article of faith, this concept is expressed in the Biblical account of Satan tempting Jesus.
Satan offered control of all the kingdoms of the earth in exchange for one act of obeiscence.
Jesus didn't dispute that Satan could deliver on his promise, He knew it was fully within Satan's power to do so.
He refused to be enticed by temporal power and His example echoes through the ages for all to follow if we are willing.

Most sheep follow along with the plans of the Mad because they are blinded by the false values the power-hungry have been force-feeding them for the last century or so.
Multicuturalism, Anthropomorphic Global Warming, Nanny-Statism, Fractional Reserve Banking Militarism, Big Pharma, the list goes on and on. No wonder the poor critters are confused, greed and fear are powerful motivators.
The ones I pity the least are the sheep who are relatively aware enough to see the snakes for what they are, but won't lift a finger to resist, or at least attempt to provide for their families' safety.
IMO the sheep who repeatedly refuse to heed warning are little better than the masters they worship and deserve the same fate.

Call it Voluntary Darwinism.

At any rate, like Kochevnik said above, these people now threaten the entire system. It is a rotten corpse that must be laid to rest for the health of the Species
... but not mourned.

Bad Dad

Anonymous said...

Ape-like or not, will to power is necessarily the underlining force of all life in a world of limited resources. You need a different sort of rhetoric to help the sheeple, if that's indeed what you want to do in the first place. I'd try something like making ethnic differences and ethnic competition visible again, as most people have been taught not to see "color" (conveniently for the foreign usurpers that now control the media and foreign policy in the U.S.). After all, Jews continue to be heavily overrepresented in the destruction of Western Civilization (see The Culture of Critique). Remember also what the nazis used to say: "if there weren't Jews, we would have to invent them." (By the way, Hitler wasn't a sociopath. His profile often directly contradicts that of the sociopath.)

Texas Arcane said...

Judging the man from the book by William Shirer, probably the only person who ever left his own office to research a biography about Hitler, I would have to say that Hitler and the people who surrounded him would have to be the most classic examples of psychopaths the world has ever known. The only person close to Hitler who did not act like he was a psychopath was Albert Speer, who you will remember refused to destroy Germany on Hitler's orders as part of Adolf's bitter payback for those "who had failed him."

How could someone, anyone who cared a whit about women and children, or anything at all about his race, give such orders? They betray Hitler as being a massive unredeemed asshole of cosmic proportions. Nobody who loved his own people and nation would ever give such orders to his subordinates. Rather the opposite, Hitler should have surrendered and pressed for terms to prove he was a hero and not just a pathetic failed artist who never had a day job. Which is really all he ever was. I think of him as a petty ranteur who rose to power by betraying others all around him in the classic psychopath fashion.

Anonymous said...

Shirer was an anti-German agitator. You need to read real history sometime. If Hitler had succumbed to madness during the war, his "table talks" from 1944 would be pretty different.

You can more easily find your unproductive sociopaths in the Allied leadership.

I also wouldn't trust Speer as a reliable source. There's your nazi sociopath.