Monday, January 12, 2009

Can you connect these two pieces of information where the sheeple brain cannot?

Seriously, how come this guy can say the exact same thing we've been saying for 10 years and this guy is a scientist but we're still crackpots? He woke up one morning and realized the implications of the changes we noticed ten years ago?

George Carlin was right. Consensus reality is bullsh*t because it is designed to appeal to bullsh*tters.

Here's more Johnny-come-latelys with a "revelation" of the blatantly obvious. They waited until the former bulge is quaking around the clock before they figured out what that might mean. Have you ever heard any of these guys connect the solar maximum with volcanism? Only on Vault-Co.


Anonymous said...

It shouldn't take a techie to figure this out, but the average human today is not prepared to behave as an adult. PERIOD.

Making careful observation of available data, forming a conclusion, and creating a plan, are completely beyond the abilities of the average ESPN-addicted moron.

For instance, one of my co-workers
who lives on the coast. His house is six feet above sea level, no food storage, no genset, no savings, no meds, no guns, nothing in the way of self-sufficiency. I started warning him in the spring of '07 "This is Florida, we have hurricanes here you know".

By his own admission, after suffering through three days without power, light flooding, and disrupted access to cash, he is still in the same sorry state of readiness ... but he still plonked down $3,000 for those season tickets to the Jaguars.

No wonder that everywhere I look I see dead people.

Bad Dad

Bodders said...

" my Blackberry won't work?"
WTF???!?! I'm blown away. Is a 4yr old ventriloquist running the news in the 'kwa?

zwick said...

Bodders; Isn't infuriating how the news critters talk down to their audience? I suppose It's because most of the viewing public are morons. If you could read a newspaper from the early 1900's, you would be astounded. The intelligence needed to just read it, let alone comprehend it, is staggering by todays standards. This is what happens when a culture lowers it's expectations to the lowest common denominators. The TV people sound like children because they are talking as, and to, children. Mentally anyway.

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