Monday, January 19, 2009

Vault-Co/Robert Felix Right,Rest of World=Wrong

Everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon now.


We were raving lunatics only a few month ago. Now everybody is crowding in to say they were the first. "I was only playing along with those hippie commies in order to discover their evil plan!"

Only a year ago there were people calling for guys like me to be lobotomized/imprisoned/killed if necessary for their own good.

Ordinary people will always be fools. It's only a question of who for. The best they can do is to be a fool for Christ. That's the closest they can come to being sane.


Anonymous said...

You're a fool!
er.. Um..

No, you're a Prophet!!

Yeah that's the ticket.

(got any room down there?)

Anonymous said...

I'm a denier, you're a denier, wouldn't you like to be a denier too!

Anonymous said...

The proper title of this entry would have been "I predicted the ice age before it was cool."