Wednesday, January 14, 2009

U.S. Military : Vault-Co First On Mexico Crisis

We said it a few months back - of course it's fringe lunacy that week.

This week the U.S. military has openly revealed their intelligence indicates that Mexico could completely collapse into anarchy at any moment.

This could not come at a worst time. With all of America's other problems, imagine having an entire nation descend into absolute lawlessness right beside you and it's people pour into your country as refugees just as you are too broke to help any of them.


Anonymous said...

Tex - "imagine having an entire nation descend into absolute lawlessness right beside you and it's people pour into your country as refugees just as you are too broke to _help_ any of them."

What about "you are too broke to STOP any of them"?

Anonymous said...

Something is going on that is bigger, of course you all already suspected as much and probably have numerous ideas of what. Here is yet another one, mind you, I am not a conspiracist, but even I can see that something big is coming down the pipe. I might not share hardly any views with anyone here except one, we must prepare ourselves. I have been seeing some things and would like some alternate viewpoints to either confirm or deny what my wife believes is paranoia brought on by an apparent head injury in Iraq or just a character quirk, your pick. My wife is concerned over the debt that I have accrued in stockpiling food, weapons, and shelter materials as some kind of obsession that needs medication due to possible heredity or truamatic head injury.
I see that the government has drastically increased the amount of FEMA camps that can hold anywhere from 100k to 1 mil people. The shelters being built in Australia by those possibly in the know, the seed and fauna shelter built in northern Europe, all the billions of dollars that just went missing from the bailout here in the U.S.A., over 100 billion. The request to have over 350 billion immediately accessable upon Obama's inauguration. The survey sessions accross the states given to teachers and other educated proffesionals administered by lawyers as to which amendment right would they be most willing to give up, frighteningly it was the 2nd the right to bear arms. The militarization of the national police force and the reservation of some active duty combat units for policing duty in the event of marshal law. Finally, and probably not actually, the statements about something coming and the people being notified and warned about having to make sacrifices, hard times ahead and incidents that will test the leadership of the nation. It all seems to add up to the possibility where science fiction crosses into reality, it's too canny. It reminds me of the movie Deep Impact. Why would we need soo many camps, why are other nations building huge shelters, one housing fauna and genetic code, one for people in France, others in Australia and so forth. Why are doors being opened for those that wheren't previously before as in the express lane to the U.S. via Europe or mexico, but you still need passports and a search to enter from Canada. why so many shows, movies and documentaries about the end of the world as we know it, apocalyptia seems to be the new thing. Is there more to yellowstone then we know, more to the 2012 solar flares or the asteroid supposedly coming our way in 2027 or so, is it actually coming sooner, why are CEO's of big corporations suddenly taking time off until June due to medical reasons, one I can understand but not 3 or 4. Why are some nations virtually collapsing from internal strife, almost as if they are not even concerning themselves with dealing with problems at home but focusing on more invisible issues. And why does nearly everyone I know to include family have this foreboding fealing prepare for something, what is your guys take on all of this?

Vault 13

Anonymous said...

problem is, they will underbid any caucasian in the workforce, no matter how bad the economy gets.

And whatever they can't underbid, they can usually take at gunpoint.

And whatever they can't take at gunpoint, they can usually smuggle back into mexico and escape justice.

Whatever they can't smuggle back into mexico, they can always appeal to the left wing for minority rights and more sympathy, and laws will be passed that will simply hand whatever it is they want, over to them.

This last recourse is generally the last resort. Because it takes a little bit of effort.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of Vault-Co in the morning.

sumptos devil s advocate said...

zwick said...

Vault 13, your concerns are right on the money. Actually, as far as "conspiracy theory" is concerned, the PTB aren't bothering to hide much anymore. They are getting their hands on as much money as possible to ensure their personal survival. Money will soon be worthless. How soon will depend on information I'm not privy to. The camps, military units, and unconstitutional laws are a stop-gap, a speedbump, to buy them alittle more time when it starts happening. These actions are not part of some long-range plan for control, because, what is it they don't control now? Like Tex says...It's coming....soon. Another thought; If the PTB are so worried about us as a threat to them, why are you still able to easily buy body armour, gas masks, web gear, camo fatigues, suppressors, night vision, and all kinds of stuff like that? The answer is that they don't care, because we'll only be killing ourselves, but not for long. Not for long because what's coming will snuff most of us out like you stepping on a bug. But know this; TPTB will be protected, and they don't give a shit about you.