Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strange, Eerie Symbolism On Cover Of Newsweek

Everything about this dude is weird. Everything people say about him sounds weird. The way he talks about himself and others sounds weird. The way others portray him and present him is weird. It's creepy, anti-rational and sounds like it would be expected in a communist country like North Korea where the "leader" is worshipped as a demigod.

As Vault-Co has said, the nation called America died many, many years ago. In it's place is a freaky third world voodoo nightmarish hellhole we call Amerikwa. It's kweer. Something ain't quite right about it or it's people. They're tainted. They have the Innsmouth look about them.

Like in Stephen King's PET SEMETARY. They left this bunch in the ground too long. Something got into them. They may look similar to actual humans but this crowd that lives in that country now is kind of misshapen, asymmetric, vulgar, soulless and somehow not-quite-human.

Pretty obvious what these pinheads have in mind.

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