Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Socialism Means No Accountability and No Consequences For The Worst Elements

All things are possible under socialism. Nobody ever has to take responsibility.

After all, it's "free" provided by the "government," so who can bring a charge against it? It's everywhere and nowhere. It's agents can do experiments on your kids with industrial power drills and if they die it's all an "unfortunate accident" which "just happened."

When I was in the Army, I saw the medical care provided by the Veteran's administration. That was my first hardcore exposure to socialism and "free" government services. I imagine that Army medical care has claimed more lives than many battles during wartime.

If the globalists have their way, they'll turn the entire planet into one big happy socialist collective ... and we can all sacrifice children to it ... after all, it's "free."

Socialism is the ultimate form of the government for the vicious, violent, hopelessly incompetent and innately defective elements of the human gene pool. It always has a special magical attraction for the monsters and teratisms who discover to what good use it can be put to. It fulfills their unconscious dreams of being liberated from ever being guilty of anything again.


CadorBolin said...

"Socialism is the ultimate form of the government for the vicious, violent, hopelessly incompetent and innately defective elements of the human gene pool."

Heh, that's an excellent zinger.

If I can be permitted to play Devil's Advocate here, the main alternative to socialized medicine is the Amerikwan system where doctors are sued by ambulance chasers and health care becomes too costly to provide.

Every time one pays for health care in the 'kwa, a large portion of that goes to line up the pockets of greedy lawyers.

Socialized medicine may be crap (long waiting lines, lack of accountability as you pointed out) but if you ever go to a hospital with a broken arm, you're not given a bill that will bankrupt you.

Call me agnostic when it comes to private vs public health care. But then, I have the luxury of being relatively healthy to be able to say something like that.

trueaim said...

There are some that imagine that this new western experimentation with communism is the evil plot of a few global banking elites and they are partly right, it is, but they also imagine that the proletarian masses of the West are not compliant, that they don't want it and are being decieved and forcibly coerced, however the masses of human cattle steadily munching the cud, they DO want it, they know what it means, they are not as gullible as what many social commentators take them for, they just don't like to talk about it, why? because they want it, they want communism and they want to be taken by the hand by all knowing Big Brother and led down this old, well trodden blackened path to Hell. So they are gonna get, and there going to get a whole lot more...

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but please watch the following video (in two parts):

Anonymous said...

The problem with medicine, particularly in situations like this is the failure of doctors to police and regulate themselves. That model has failed although it is standard practice whether or not the system is socialized. What's needed is a patient-driven doctor rating system, completely out of the hands of the medical system. Unfortunately our laws do much to prevent this. If every bad doctor in the world would have their failures front and center for consumers to see, they wouldn't be practicing for long. Until transparency happens avoidable tragedies like this will be all too common and all too hidden.

zwick said...

Democracy has been described by some as two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Socialism can be described as two wolves deciding what is best for a thousand sheep.