Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Blankets A Place With No Word For It

They never needed a word for it where they live because there has never been any snow there in recorded memory.

It is a mistake to think that Ice Ages are a series of slow transitions from one temperature state to another over the course of many years or even a smooth curve on a temperature chart. Analysis of ice cores has revealed the exact opposite. Such events are in fact made up of jagged shifts in periods measured in months or days, not years ... and most of the abrupt shifts look more like lethal falls off cliffs rather than slow gradations to a new normal.

A conservative estimate that a third of the planet will starve to death

Of course, at Vault-Co we think this is the retouched feelgood upbeat rose-colored happy-feet scenario.

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Anonymous said...

You're wrong, Tex. It's "the second time in recorded history," not the first.