Friday, January 30, 2009

Sheeple Talk About Their Visions of the Krapocalypse

These sort of things never fail to shock me, no matter how much I try to mentally prepare for anything before reading it. The article was so childlike and naive you have to wonder - what goes on in this kind of person's head normally? Spectator sports, televitz, beer, celebrities ... what on Earth do they spend their time thinking about, when obviously they almost never think about the real world?

In Britain the locals tell themselves they'll go into the woods and hunt pheasants after a nuclear war. That's what they'll do.

In Amerikwa, they have fantastic escapist dreams of how they'll bug out in their camper vans and find a quiet stream somewhere in the mountains where they will fish. That's what they'll do.

Vault-Co suggests this is not actually what most people will be doing after a nuclear war. I suspect things will be a bit different. The only unflinching account I have ever read of the post-nuclear environment was Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD. Everything else I have ever seen in fiction was just sad delusional bullsh*t bordering on infantile.


CadorBolin said...

A half-assed plan to shoot one's neighbors for protein sounds like a more plausible than what was talked about there.

zwick said...

Even if "it" wasn't going to be a nuclear war, just an societal or economic collapse, I think folks who think they're prepped are in for a BIG surprise. England, of course, is totally screwed. But here is the kwa, I've read many blogs by well meaning people who think that their preps are going to safeguard their butts for a while, that is, until the crops come in from all the seeds they hoarded. Bwahahaha! It takes at least 10 years before a farmer knows enough to be merely OK at growing crops. And that doesn't include the variable of violently shifting weather patterns! I agree with Tex's comment that the landscape will most resemble "The Road",and with a special emphasis on the cannibalism aspect. Neighbors, it's what's for dinner. "StoveTop Davey?..I'm Staying!"

Anonymous said...

Excellant read there Tex,did you pick up on the nail in the coffin of doom,like I did ? The UK-that-was is an island of the walking dead.
You know what that nail is ?
"after argueing the ethical and moral implications of murdering a rabbit" You're doing an article about surviving in the field.Why didn't you just do it,why would you have to argue anything.
I'd laugh but I'm too busy crying.Only I'm not crying because it would be impious of me to weep at the justice of God.I shudder for the justice yet to be given for
England is gone.
USA left the building years ago.
Europe needed forced deportations at bayonet point 6 months ago.
Australia is the camp of the saints.
Chris (from Sydney)

Anonymous said...

...and that's one of the advanced specimens. if you really want a good, motivational type scare just mill about and listen to the conversations that people have. anywhere people gather will do, eavesdrop on what passes for conversation between people, if you're not already alarmed you soon will be.