Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reverend Mann on the Obamination

This man is without question, the most spirit-filled, honest, good and virtuous preacher in the whole of the United States today. He is an honorable child of God and every other preaching whore in the United States is scarcely fit to lick this man's boots. The power, scope and sincerity of his gospel preaching is full of love for people everywhere, including the black man.

If you don't have a preacher like this in your church, I hate to tell you but you don't have a church. The church is just an empty hollow house without a preacher like this inside it.

If I had a preacher like this nearby I'd start going back to church and that's not a joke.


Chesterton said...

It's actually Pastor Manning. Any preacher that calls himself Reverend doesn't know anything about the Bible. Look here:

Reverend is a title reserved for God.

Kind of neat how you can use that bit of info to immediately tell if someone's only in it for the money. Of course, most pastors aren't any better these days.

zwick said...

Happy New Year Tex.

andyboots37 said...

You're right Tex. This man is clear thinking in truth. I'm sure he'll be labelled an uncle Tom. Truth is color-blind.

Andy Boots

Anonymous said...

We have sank so low that this black man could teach honesty and integrity by example to 99.999% of whites. The tragedy is that by letting Jews teach blacks to blame us for their problems, we aren't only letting them cause eventual harm to us but to the blacks as well (and probably to themselves as well, as innumerable previous pogroms testify).

Anonymous said...

Can I get a "Amen Brother!"

Anonymous said...

He kinda looks like a bloated toad. Family of yours?

Bodders said...

That was awesome!!!