Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Okay, Seriously now. Really. This is creeping me out at the cosmic level. This is getting weird. Please somebody bitch slap me so I wake up.

Jackie Mason gets right to the heart of the matter, as usual

Mason is awesome. Seriously. Check out his other YouTube videos, they are excellent.


Anonymous said...

Jackie Mason is "the Man". His pro-gun tirade was sweet

CadorBolin said...

Oy vey.

trueaim said...

I,I,I,I,I,I, um,um,um, ma,ma,ma my, ma, me in da white man's house and cool.

Well this is going to be easier then I thought, have a look at these anti-christ zombies, they are pathetic.

Alex said...

Am I crazy or do Crazy Joe Biden and his wife look exactly like Colonel Tigh and his wife off Battlestar Galactica? Can't wait until Crazy Joe gets the golf bag.