Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Doesn't Understand Democratic Republics

Just as people in Kenya do not and likely cannot.

The idea of "opposition" and "compromise" does not fit into the politics of simpler minded people. They think only in terms of absolutes. A man with an IQ of 90 (my personal guess at Obama, in contrast to the abysmal 92 of George Bush) cannot handle complex ideas like "opposition." There's the big monkey and he gets all the coconuts until a bigger monkey kills him and takes all the coconuts.

You heard him. He "won." That means he can do whatever he wants to, right?

Obama is perfect leadership for a country with an average IQ of 96 like the United States in recent statistics.

The woman who stole the blanket at the inauguration gave it away in even simpler minded terms, "Black people are in the White House now. Everything is free."

The truth is, such people are wholly incompatible with free republics. They can live in them the way pigeons nest in your barn. That doesn't make the pigeons into farmers.


Anonymous said...

South Africa redux.

CadorBolin said...

The Republicans aren't obligated to give the Democrats 'bipartisan' political cover by voting for their $2 trillion dollar deficit. Notice during the whole $700 billion bailout thing last October where more Democrats voted for it--they knew intrinsically that a collapse of the system would hurt their core constituencies more (freeloading minorities, latte sipping metrosexuals and rich jews) than the Republicans' (gun owners and those who subscribe to Soldier of Fortune).

Rush Limbaugh is an a**hole--he will milk this free publicity in the form of ratings. He won't be made to suffer as the 'kwa's socialist oppression squeezes out whitey. Limbaugh became an apologist for outsourcing and H1-B during the dotcom crash and expects whitey to make it in a climate where the law explicit disicriminates against them.

Anonymous said...

I think the same logic can be applied to women. Which Greek philosopher said "masculine republics become feminine democracies which in turn lead to tyranny"?