Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monsanto = International Agri-Business Mob

Monsanto caught unapologetic using brutal tactics and corporate power to destroy small farms and local agriculture. They plan to get a monopoly on food, which is the same thing as control of the world itself. Notice the very specific and strategic targeting of seedbanks and seed distributors. They're not interested in making better products, they're spending their money to ruin anybody who competes with them. This is clearly conspiracy to form a cartel which remains illegal in Australia.

An honest country would throw Monsanto permanently outside their national borders and ban their company from doing business inside ever again. The sheer magnitude and bold defiance of the law in many of these cases boggles the mind. These guys make the Sopranos look like legitimate import-exporters.

Monsanto must eliminate public domain seeds in order to protect their patents

This is like the conspiracy to starve the Ukraine in the 1920's except there has been little effort by Monsanto conceal their activities. They should be adjudged a crime ring and stripped of their licenses in any nation where the rule of law still matters.


CadorBolin said...

Obama appointed Tom Vilsack, who is Monsanto's guy.

Anonymous said...

Obama proves even to the guy at the back who forgot his glasses that it's V-for-vendetta time for the Kwa. It's going to be a deep fall either way, so why not pick the V way and make it look uplifting? The vipers are mingling with the trash for the present, so better burn the heap now lest they escape further into the world. Having them here wouldn't be good, in general or as a concept.

Anonymous said...

In america, if there were such a character as 'V,' he would be killed, even if it meant dropping nukes on everything within a 200 mile radius of his last known location. And the press would say he was a suicide bomber, and that he planted the nukes in various pre-paid apartment units for which the government was unable to obtain search warrants quickly enough, and any remaining shreds of the 4th ammendment would be thrown out the door in the interest of public safety.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)