Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kwanzanian Death Spiral

Bank of England predicts 'Kwa will be DOA in 2009

The 'Kwa's credibility in all and any regards is permanently ruined

Paul Craig Roberts says it's over, anything to the contrary is delusional

America is finished. It's over with. It had a good run. It's done now.

It got bolshevized good and where it is going it won't be coming back from.

De Toqueville was correct. When America ceased to be good, it ceased to be great.

Funny thing is, I think I know what puts this sick dog out of it's misery.


zwick said...

As the PTB loot and sell everything in the Kwa, they will need a pause to insure they get their full measure of wealth out of the decaying corpse. So there will be several, or a couple dozen, months of "recovery" before the fall. I personally don't care if it happens tomorrow or in two years, as I am ready; spiritually,materially and physically, right now. Itz coming and I say, bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess then by Mr. Roberts viewpoint I'm delusional. I don't believe it's over for America, the Kwan maybe. I still have hope that the old image and ways of this country will be reborn, I'm an optimist. I see people such as those that blog on this sight at some point raising their hand or voice in a way that will take us back to the age of our innocence (pre-atomic), back before we HAD to put our collective noses in everyone's buisness. I've seen alot over the decades in service and around the world, and one thing rings clear, there will always be tyrants, and heroes, and the GOOD people of this country, the innocent and often times blinded people will be the ones that suffer for it. Now, it's one thing to talk about the fall, and it's another to act upon it. Some of us talk, while some of us act, I'm not pointing any fingers, are we as individuals planning for us and our families only, or is there a bigger plan, are we a hive or just wondering ants?

Vault 13

chjts said...

PCR writes: "How does an economy consume more than it produces? Previously, this question applied only to poor third world countries. "

The 'kwa is a Third World country.

The funny thing is that in 20 years, Obama will be considered a moderate compared to the scum that will represent the political will of a further-degenerated Amerikwa.

One Angry Goat said...

Nup.. Game over for the Yanks.

We were all fooled. The US President, the Government and the general populace is flacid. Dont believe me? Look at the amount of cronicly obese people in the US and then tell me how they will be disciplined enough to fix there own gawd awefull cowdung mess. When they cant even look after there own health!

Septics (Australian slang for Americans - refering to septic tank - yank.. american) might have ended WWII, but it will be the rest of the world that drags itself out of this mess the yanks created.

America and what it was and stood for is dead and an old memory