Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Kwans Are Not Even 5% As Bright As Their Fathers in 1955

UPDATE : This is very important new information to think about concerning this subject -is this an accident? Or intentional?

Watch these man-apes leap around Ron Paul hooting and flinging feces and trying unsuccessfully to understand what Paul is saying to them. They can't. They don't have the intellectual hardware upstairs. Whether genetic, environmental or some other force as yet unknown, these people are morons. They simply do not have the necessary brains to solve problems that were extraordinarily easy for their fathers 60 years ago.

They can't do it. You don't just rewind some simple coil to return to the world they made fun of in PleasantVille. You can't get back something of that magnitude once it is lost. Skipping a single generation means they will raise children who are even cruder and stupider than they are. None of these losers has the 'G' force upstairs to pull this plane out of it's tailspin.

This is why the cycle of ascent and decline is so irresistable. You don't understand what has happened until you sense why it is not just a matter of having an Oprah special or a fundraiser called "LET'S ALL AGREE TO STOP BEING INCREDIBLE IDIOTS." Real life doesn't work like that.

Civilizations have an average lifespan of 200 years and nothing will ever change that until you change the nature of man himself biologically. As long as he is man, it will happen over and over again without end. Before you blame it on this group of opportunists or that one, ask yourself : why were they all so eager to drink such a strong poison? Without those self-destructive urges, nobody could have made an opportunity out of them to begin with. They took pleasure in burning down their own house and laughing while they watched everything that they had be consumed inside.

I remember the guy who lived across the street from me in California, who was so blasted in his brain tissue he used to say to me, "It's for the best! We all deserve to die for our numerous special crimes that nobody has committed but us! Surrendering this country to foreign invasion is the right thing to do! You're evil for thinking otherwise!"


trueaim said...

I believe God has been handing out only dull blunt brains for the last 3-4 generations, the WWI and WWII generation were drop off the scale STUPID! And their half baked baby boomer children have a stange affliction which renders them unable to reach full adult maturity, 'Peter Pan Syndrome'...there is no known cure.

The last cause said...

Knowledge will increase and Wisdom will decrease.

Now the real key becomes, once we know they are dumb, how do we use that fact to prosper personally?

Alex S said...

Thanks for this video Tex. Just listening to one of the last decent men in American politics is good for the soul.