Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 'Kwa Is Doomed

"I'm not dead yet!" "I'm feelin' fine!" "It's only a flesh wound!"

The U.K. will be a flaming multicultural civil war zone in two years. It will make 28 Days Later look like a lighthearted romantic comedy.

The West only survives day to day by using fragile social constructs and mechanisms to control what amounts to a violent, savage horde of enrichers which would turn on them and rend them to pieces in an instant if they were unable to fund that machine that keeps them pacified. There is no grassroots stability to draw on. If the money is no longer there the system will fracture into anarchy almost overnight. There is no longer any community or local social network to maintain order through the use of common religious precepts and shared ideas if the empire crumbles at the federal level.


Anonymous said...

You said in the past that there will be a civil war in America by the end of 2008. How many times do you need to be wrong before you stop making predictions?

trueaim said...

When a black communist con man without a birth certificate or any I.D. of any sorts for that matter, can become President of the United States of America, and that's considered a good result, it's game over man....

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 8:47

Do you really need me to be accurate down to the week and/or hour?

Some people might be grateful for the early warning. If you'd prepared as hard as you could in 2008 you might be ready for what is coming in 2009. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Lots of people in the U.S. are wishing they had listened to me much earlier.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up, tex. still batshit crazy, still claiming you're the only guy in the galaxy who has the skill to ascertain solar activity 10+ years in advance.

but hey, don't let the fact you've been entirely wrong on your doomsday predictions so far stop you! as you note, we can't expect "the precise day and hour" of the oncoming doom that only you know about.

still, i think you're missing the boat, here. you *could* also be making desperate warnings about the next big california quake: they have one every 100 years or so, so you wouldn't have to be wrong the first 100 years. likewise the yellowstone caldera: the first 650,000 years have already gone by, so now **would** be a good time to start predicting it. also plagues, pandemics, meteor strikes, etc. you've gotta be right eventually, no?

yeah, america's going to the shits. but then, so's the rest of the world, too. the pendulum moves forwards and backwards, as anyone with a rudimentary grasp of human nature knows. that knowledge doesn't mean you know everything.

Alex S said...

I think that Tex has shown on this blog that many of the social and economic conditions which give rise to a civil war are brewing and fulminating in the US. Perhaps a large scale international conflict will delay it a while, who knows. But whatever happens, the US is doomed and there will always be corporate and political scavengers ready to squablle over the carcass. Tex is right, who cares about the exact timeline. Just get ready or get out.

Anonymous said...

Tex never gets his exact dates right - Tex nearly ever gets the events wrong but yet I have learned much about the future by reading this site! If you read this site you would know Tex doesnt learn stuf with magic powers he learns it by reading a lot and showing the connections. If you read this blog you would know Tex has been predicting these things long before people such as yourselves knew anything of it.

Anonymous said...

Tex - That third link is a doosey. Can't afford to lock 'em up anymore so let's let 'em loose? Maybe they should do the same as Turkey(?) where the state only has to foot the bill for locking the crooks up. The family has to physically provide EVERYthing else (food three times a day, clothes, medical expenses).

To 8.47 - Glad to see you spend so much time and effort on Vault-Co. I hope it's been worth your investment in time. If it hasn't (as your post indicates) why continue throwing good resources (time which is limited for all humans) after bad (your previous wasted time)????

Anonymous said...

So whot if his predictions are off/wrong at least he is aware/awake.
The links he gives are not his inventions!
He might screw up the conclusions but he is trying more than most others.
And he is not sucking a $ out of you, you get it for free.
So those who have a go at him
BUGGER OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your all nuts tex is the shizzle.

Tex has average of 2 out of 3. Even when wrong hes close. This site is the best doomer site Ive ever read and the most credible because tex has shown many times he is the first person to dot something new.

zwick said...

I will not speak for Tex, but I feel he has been alive long enough to see what's coming. Do any of you actually believe that there will be a happy ending to this? That "things will work out". That "we had bad times before but muddled thru"? This show is coming to a close. Real soon. I was there when LBJ's Great Society was financed by us. It was a bribe to keep the dinges from burning. Thats all. And now we're running out of suckers overseas willing to buy our dept. When the freebees are cut the homies will get their bics out.