Friday, January 2, 2009

Ionospheric Lightning

Two nights ago I went outside during the storm in Queensland at midnight.

The visibility was equivalent to the midday sun from lightning strikes. There were several bolts and coronal discharges a second in all directions very high in the air. I have never seen such a dramatic painted sky since I went through basic training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, where the storms appeared as biblical woodcuttings they were so beautiful.

High altitude or "Ionospheric" lightning is a combination of two seemingly simply factors:

1. Extremely cold air at high altitudes
2. Saturations of water vapor in a narrow band at a very high altitude

The extreme cold chills the water vapor at that high altiude making a "seed cloud" of tiny hailstones like a thick fog and it is this fog which the lightning uses as a reasonable path of conduction to electrify that region of the atmosphere and discharge built up currents created by conflicting temperature layers.

In a few rare situations this has resulted in the entire sky becoming a giant glowing field of high amperage coronas. When this has happened in China it has scared people so badly that entire villages have deserted their homes and left for the mountains to hide in caves until it ends.

I stood out there for perhaps three minutes and marveled at the surreal appearance of this storm. It wasn't like anything I had ever witnessed it was so violent and dramatic. Charges were arcing across the sky in rippling waves of color that illuminated clouds from within over and over again.

Something seemed wrong. It appeared to be unnatural and portentous. Nature has a right to throw a lightning storm but I don't think it should have looked like this.

These conditions would appear to precede the megacryometeors and earth electrical events that Robert Felix writes about in Ice Age Now. These phenomenon are possible because of the supercooling of the upper atmosphere combined with saturation levels of water vapor. What I read about in his book ten years ago appears to be coming to pass.

I predict we're going to see some very apocalyptic weather in the coming decade. Like unbelievable out of this world weather events.


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Hey Tex
Goods storms ay, bout time they came back (been gone for more than a decade)
Great when there is one storm on either side of you but you are still dry :):)

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Megacryometeors' source website:

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