Saturday, January 31, 2009

IDF Destroys Chicken Terrorist Training Camp

Of necessity, itz! Proactive on the egg WMD threat!


m said...

Your stance on Israel is moronic.

1) Hamas's charter calls for the destruction of Israel.
2) Hamas was democratically elected.
3) Hamas hides among the civilian population of Gaza; their main bases of operation during this past war were UN facilities, the main Gaza hospital, and mosques.
4) Southwestern Israel has been bombarded nonstop for the past four years, with over a hundred thousand Israelis living in constant fear. Hamas's range now has a million Israelis living in constant fear with places further than Ashkelon in range.
5) Hamas is becoming a puppet of Iran, just as Syria and Hezbollah are.
6) Iran is Shiite, and Shiite Islam is really, really scary. Shiite Islam doctrine calls for actively bringing about the end of the world so that the Mahdi, a 6 year old messiah who disappeared more than a thousand years ago, will return. Ahmadinejad is a fervent believer.
7) Iran will soon have nuclear weapons.

Vault-co: the end of the world is coming, but not from a global ice age (we may experience an ice age, but we'll be gone before then). There will be a regional nuclear war starting in the Middle East within the next 5 years, I think.

And you're siding with the group that's going to make it happen. Disgusting.

Texas Arcane said...

1. Hamas was created by Israel according to Yitzak Rabin and about fifty other Israelis who have come forward to describe how it was initially funded and financed to control the opposition. It then got out of control.

2. Hamas was democratically elected, which puts Israel along with the United States in breach of international law and the Geneva convention.

3. I notice that Israel discovers that Hamas was hiding in hospitals, schools and baby creches after the fact, which makes their revelations nothing but post mortem. If Israel was a country that could be taken seriously they would inform the press of these terrorist strongholds before, not after, they blow up kindergartens.

4. Palestine has been bombarded for 70 years and lost almost a million civilians to the Israeli military. It is to be expected Israelis would be living in fear - I'd be living in fear if I did that to a civilian population as well. I'd be living in fear of retribution. It's called running a civilization and Israelis don't appear to know much about it. They mostly fake it.

5. America is becoming a puppet of Israel just as England and Australia are. Everybody seems to be doing a puppet show but it's the women and children who seem to be the ones doing the dying. As long as that continues Israel will be wrong, wrong and wrong again.

6. Israel is Likudnik and Zionists are really, really scary. Zionist doctrine views all non-jews as subhumans who cannot be sinned against, which would have to be the creepiest, most toxic idea to ever come out of any religion, period.

7. Israel has had nuclear weapons for 50 years and is considering using them against civilians. That's the most terrifying truth on the planet today.

Israel needs to decide what it's own borders are and stick to the inside of them. They've had half a century and can't seem to do it. It's always somebody else's fault, it's always those gentiles out there who are all messed up. It's the gentiles fault that Israel has not been able to build an economy and maintain peace and stability, it's always a gentile somewhere who has done them wrong. The best way to test that theory is for jews to withdraw from gentiles and live within the borders of their own country and mind their business, but somehow I don't think that is going to happen. Call it a hunch.

There is no such thing as "the end of the world," just the end of this mess. The situation in the Middle East along with a hundred other aggravating factors is going to guarantee World War III starts shortly. It appears God has stacked the deck against mankind so it has to happen. Tough, it couldn't happen to a bunch of nicer guys.

Anonymous said...

It's only natural that people who enjoy fantastic lies (e.g. Marxist egalitarianism, jooish multicultural utopianism, Ze Holocaust Mythology/Religion) would be the only people capable of tolerating the nation wreckers and culture-distorters. You need a really, really short memory and short dick, too, to think that poor yidzim are innocent victims whom we should welcome open armed to pretty much anything they might imagine to ask (national treasuries, banks, media, in other words, weekly billions (money), yearly sacrifices (human), daily sacrifices (culture), education sacrifices (civilization)). Alas, that's the profile for the majority of Europeans and their descendants these days.

Anonymous said...

re:Your stance on Israel is moronic.

ah the nostalgia of it. thought i was back at the tv for a second. cretin.the middle east will be at peace when the last knife falls from the last hand, the rest is just passionate mooing and waiting.