Friday, January 16, 2009

The Iceman Cometh

We are inside the 20 year margin of error that ice core samples say the Earth takes to go from the interglacial to the following Ice Age. Some scientists say it's three days, others say a decade. All the most important factors in this transition period are things we cannot see with the human eye.

We might be in the beginning or the middle of the transition. I know we are not at the end because it will be ten times colder than this for 3/4 of the year when we arrive. Obviously the West will be nothing but a memory when that day gets here.

Keep in mind this might not be a Maunder minimum. This may well be a Dalton minimum, in which snowball Earth becomes a reality during the winters. Seven billion people can't survive on a planet that can only produce enough food to support a couple million. That's a lot of triage by nature before the interglacial truly comes to an end.


Anonymous said...

I remember you saying long ago that you plan to stay in your vault for 20 years. How will you survive once you resurface?

Anonymous said...

Hey, nuclear war has been declared obsolete!

Trident nuclear missiles are £20bn waste of money, say generals

Hurrah, now we can put all our efforts into fighting goat herders in caves.

Anonymous said...

Beer sales plummet.Damn the Kwa is doomed.I can't begin to imagine the consequances of a couple of million 'good ole boys' waking up with a headache on the 21st, to find there's no more beer in the fridge,they can't afford to buy more,and somehow now they've got a Kenyan Homo as the Pres.

You remember that 'friction of war' that Clauswitz talked about,well ZOG is gonna regret not factoring in the security of the beer supply.I'm not joking.
This is the first news to put a smile on my face all week.

Should have cut the banks loose, and bailed out the breweies instead.

zwick said...

I try to look on the positive side of things I can't control. This coming event, possibly an ice age, could be good for us. A weeding out. Culling the herd. Stuff like that. Nature isn't good or kind, nor is it cruel. It just is. I'm not 100% sure of what's coming down the pike, but one thing is certain. The majority of the folks will never see it coming, until it's too late. That's the laugh-a-minute time I've been saving my popcorn for. What a show this will be.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:16 am

Who says I have to "resurface?" Will my lease run out? If I get my permaculture lab finished soon then we will come and go as we please with not much need for anything, ever.