Saturday, January 31, 2009

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

I know this is only hearsay, but at a dinner party about ten years ago I spoke to a South African emigre who told me about a talk he had with one of the people who had examined the "ruins" at Oklo. (Funny they tend to use this word when talking about a series of caves)

He told me that there is an amazing amount of iron oxide inside these mines ... also known as "rust." He also said that every single one of these sites appears to be chambers cut out by intelligent design, not running water. They tend to have square perimeters internally ... also known as "rooms."

It is truly amazing that more than a dozen natural reactors
spontaneously sprang into existence and that they managed to maintain a modest power output for perhaps a few hundred millennia. Why is it that these parts of the deposit did not explode and destroy themselves right after nuclear chain reactions began? What mechanism provided the necessary self-regulation? Did these reactors run steadily or in fits and starts? The solutions to these puzzles emerged slowly after initial discovery of the Oklo phenomenon.

Gosh, you know that is pretty amazing. Especially the production of plutonium by natural forces, which just happens to be so well suited to supplying nuclear power needs. Especially when the production of plutonium nowadays takes a series of delicate, deliberate stages each requiring both timing and correct management in order to succeed.

Look, it's been explained for you there in black & white by edjumafacted types, which means the explanation must be true. Why else would they print it in the newspaper? It's like the cheetah - despite all appearances of being a domesticated animal 22,000 years ago with the genetics only seen in cloned animals, it was in fact just a species of mother f*cking incest mad cats who were crazy for sex with their cousins for thousands of years until they produced clone-like profiles.

I was watching the Discovery channel last night about the Pharoah's jewelry, particularly the glass scarab that would have required temperatures exceeding 1800 celsius like those found inside a nuclear reactor to cast. They helped me to understand by explaining it was a magical mystery meteorite that magically made scarab molds when it hit the desert sands. That was on televitz so it must be true. They repeated the fallacy once again that it was "carved" into a scarab beetle from an original piece of glass despite the evidence clearly showing it was poured and molded in one pass.

Just so you'll know about the latest fringe theory, there are people who are starting to suspect the planet of being much, much older than 4 billion years. There are quite a few nuts on the edges who think the facts show our planet to be as much as 8 billion years old or more.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

If there were previous nuclear wars, then why was the technology from the times of those wars not preserved by the survivors?

Anonymous said...

Think about that comment once more, and here is a question to help answer yours. How much technology was preserved in what would later become ancient Persia after their collapse as they were regarded as the most technologically advanced civilization on earth at one point with technology that was not seen again for a thousand years such as mechanical devices and in door plumbing, hell that part of the world is still trying to solve the in door plumbing issue. We keep discovering that structures and tales of war machines of the past far exceeded the thought of their understanding and it has been surmised that many of these feats would be nearly impossible to calculate without a computer. If a cataclysmic event happened that reduced the world's population to a very small amount which is believed to have happened during the last extinction level event where it is believed that the human population may have dropped to as low as only having 30 reproducing females, and that it would take roughly 3 years for mechanical devices to become inoperable especially without the mechanical know how to repair them such as most individuals today and that any sign of our presence minus some very large and solid structures, would be completely wiped away or covered by mothernature in 10,000 to 100,000 years, and that there is a spot on the moon that is soo radioactive that it blinds thermal imaging of the area raises the possibility, however remote it may be, that mankind or some other has travelled this road before. I am just saying keep an open mind to the possibility. We are a faulted and failed experiment and apparently if at first you dont succeed, you know how it goes, we don't know our history, hell they don't even teach it anymore in schools due to the no child left behind BS, enjoy your day :)

Vault 13

Anonymous said...

Sometimes knowledge is just plain lost. The Romans knew how to make concrete. When Rome fell this knowledge was lost. There are holes in buildings where the citizens would try to bore out metal from the rebar because iron-working too was lost. This was in the center of civilization, where enough people had the knowledge to build a big chunk of the city this way. Think about that for a second.

Anonymous said...

Also I am sure some tech was preserved, such as plows and axes and knowledge such as how to garden, start a fire, you get the picture.

Vault 13

Anonymous said...

Take everything away from me and there is no way I could build anything but the most rudimentary shelter. You can forget about me building any sort of aircraft. In a quiet earth scenario I wouldn't be able to maintain the vast majority of technology. And I'm an edumification type not a Joe Six Pack