Friday, January 30, 2009

The Harvest of Suffrage

If women did not want to be caricatured as addlebrained, they could start by ceasing to behave as though they are addlebrained.

I have never met a woman who did not believe in ghosts. I have also never met a diversity enricher who did not believe in ghosts. This is FAIL at civilization and will lead to a condition of FAIL at maintaining a civilization.

Special bonus points for those who remember the stories coming out of South Africa in a similar vein shortly after apartheid ended. Within a few years, they had regressed to such a crude state of existence they were scarcely distinguished from stone-age peoples. Modern civilization and people who believe in ghosts don't actually mesh together very well. You can have one or the other but not both in the same place for very long.


Anonymous said...

I am a woman. I've been reading and enjoying your blog for 5 years. I do not believe in ghosts. Nice to meet you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I had been enjoying your Blog, but this comment about women is such a bitter statement and actually appears to be a broad sweep of the brush! Sorry to see that.
The other statement that I had found interesting in your blog, was the reference to Asperger. Do you view yourself as still having those characteristics? If so, might account for your lack of understanding of the other sex.

Anonymous said...

I had been enjoying your blog until this comment appeared. You appear to paint everyone with the same broad brush stroke. How sad! You have missed out on probably some very appealing people having this narrow thinking pattern. Do you think it could be your Asperger characteristics kicking in that you have spoken about?

Texas Arcane said...

Notice how females are always interested in the ad hominem, rather than the ideas themselves involved? For a woman, it's about who is saying something, not what is being said. Frankly, this disqualifies them for voting. Voting is too important a privilege to entrust to somebody for whom everything is always about who you are supposed to be, not what is being said.

One of the reasons so few women voted for Ron Paul is that they did not find him sexually appealing. Women essentially elected Obama on the strength of their votes alone for his face appeal to them. Basically, the right leaders cannot get elected in the West because of suffrage for women.

You want to talk about my Asperger's or study my experiences for what might have caused me to conclude "bitterly" that women believe in ghosts. I think women believe in ghosts because I've seen and heard 100 thousand women in my life talk about ghosts in the same breath they talk about escalators and the combustion engine.

Do you know what the demographic of that plethora of shows about ghosts, ghost-whispering, ghost-hunting, ghost-talking, spiritualism and dead-speak is that you see filling the airwaves nowadays? Women. That's because women believe in ghosts.

Find me an exception. It proves the rule. I can find you men who are not interested in spectator sports. That does not mean that 99.9999% of men are obsessed with spectator sports. An exception doesn't mean something isn't true.

This is so simple I could explain it to child but you'd be hard pressed to make a woman understand. That basically means that suffrage was a mistake.