Saturday, January 17, 2009

Globowarmthinkist Loses His Walnut-Sized Mind

Prediction : Hansen talks like he is only one sit-down interview away from being institutionalized most of the time. I can see this guy having to be committed in coming years not because of his marxist schemes but purely from unstable, violent and/or irrational behaviour in public. He's a lunatic with friends in high places. His deranged prognostications have grown ever more shrill and distant from reality in recent years ... like Albert Gore, he can be standing in a meter of snow at subzero temperatures and still be screaming about the threat of globawarmery.

I can't help but notice as the temperature grows ever colder, their propaganda becomes increasingly incomprehensible.

P.S. Hansen is also apparently a friend of Dorothy and also deeply into some occultism in his private life. Most of what he says has to be trimmed up before publication because he tends to wander off-topic into some really strange stuff.


j said...

Damn, you are quick. I read this story (minus the mention of his rap sheet of verifiable lies) and expected you to debunk the fool at some point but not within minutes of it being posted. This is one of the main reasons I haunt your blog, no rest for the diligent I guess. Thanks for being on top of this one, I live in the center of warmthinkery central and am running out of hair to pull out when I hear this tripe.

j said...

Why does no one report on Hansens verifiable lies when they report stories about him. This guy has been embarrassed by amateurs numerous times and yet still holds some sort of authority with our government. Please let me off this ship of fools.

Anonymous said...

Tex is a quicky. Hes also got good eyes for what interests to survivalists.

Anonymous said...

By " ... apparently a friend of Dorothy" I presume you mean he's an arse mechanic lol