Thursday, January 29, 2009

Globowarmthinkery IS The Biggest Scam In Human History

The terrible irony of the last days of Rome was that they were snuffing out the temple fires at night when they were most needed to fight the rising tide of lawlessness because they were gripped by an idea that in retrospect seems marvelously stupid. The Romans were convinced the oily soot that went up from temple fires at night was drifting down on their crops and was responsible for their poor harvests and repeated famines. They got the question wrong, the answer was even worse and the solution was the dumbest of all. None of it was within a million miles of their real problem - a simple failure to rotate crops and let fields lie fallow to regenerate as Roman farmers had been doing previously for centuries.

The terrible irony of the last days of Western civilization is that on the verge of a very severe ice age cycle, the West spent billions on fighting an imaginary gas that they believed was altering the climate using imaginary methods and insane processes. Historians will write that on the brink of the Maunder Minimum, the Western governments were trying to control "carbon" in the environment, something that had nothing at all to do with climate in any way. It is difficult to conceive of human activity more irrevelant and comically useless when there is an Ice Age approaching. It's the opposite of effective preparation altogether.

It's much like if you or I saw a storm coming on the horizon and instead of getting inside under a watertight roof, we stripped down to our briefs and ran through the forest screaming and singing, convinced that this would be a better course of action in order to "frighten the storm off." In Darwinian terms, such animals are rapidly selected out of the struggle for survival by their own stupidity. Sometimes, these selections take place on entire gene pools at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that ice age you predicted should be around the corner. It's only the hottest Australian heatwave since 1855, I'm sure we can expect the glaciers to arrive any second now.