Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fortress Australia

I don't think I've talked about this much before but it's considered an open secret amongst the remaining members of the Australian public who can still walk and chew gum at the same time.

Many people believe that Australia is intended to be a refuge for many of the world's elite during World War III. Not a refuge for the Australians, mind you, but a gigantic offshore remote fallout shelter for the world's ruling classes. The peasants who live here are regarded with a similar attitude to that the Japanese had towards the Aborigines in World War II if they successfully occupied our country ... the elite hope to see them quietly die off through attrition.

This theme is always close to the surface in Australia at all times.

Some Australians believe we already have nuclear weapons here for defensive reasons


Anonymous said...

If the jury convict in the case below, that conviction would say a lot more about Australia than the person so convicted:

Anonymous said...

My apologies, a better link:

Anonymous said...

Funny that you would say that as I've heard the same thing.

Alex S said...

During the 1980's, there was a Federal government unit within ASIS, staffed by ADF personnel that was tasked with surveillance of GRU operatives who were supposed to be ready to attack key infrastrucutre to paralyse Australia in case of world war. The theory was that the Ruskies would poison wheat silos, blow up dams and power stations etc to bring the country to its knees without the use of nukes so that Ivan could resettle people here when Europe, North America and China became virtually uninhabitable. Smae deal was planned for NZ. That must surely be a contingency that wouldn't go away while we have such a proliferation of nucelar weapons.

Anonymous said...

This means you will get digged out of your bunker and executed by the joos at the earliest convenient moment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've heard similar as well, that Gates and others have had huge shelters or are having shelters built there now and I am considered to be one of the sleeping ones, or at least with one eye open anyways.

Vault 13

David said...


Dunno if you picked up this last night, but for some reason the BOM website was predicting Tsunami's for the whole continent !.