Saturday, January 31, 2009

Defense Department Establishes "Civilian Expeditionary Workforce"

Scary, scary stuff.

Look where it is mentioned that service may be "voluntary" - until such times as "needs prove to be more complex."

That's not just a draft for the military, that's conscription into national service, including overseas assisting war time efforts.

Just what wars do these people plan to start that they know about these needs in advance?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe, but the conclusion doesn't follow from the available info. This is consistent with the long-term trend in the military to devolve more and more tasks and functions away from uniformed personnel to "contractors." Remember way back when, enlisted personnel in uniforms peeled potatoes in the mess hall, and swept the floors, too. That doesn't happen anymore - they hire folks for that. They even hire out for prisoner interrogation these days! This post just looks like more of the same. Not saying I agree with it, it's just not as nefarious as it's made out to be.