Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Dalton Minimum : End of Modern Civilization

The West is so overrun with morons there is almost nobody left who is bright enough to even know what is happening or why.

The trickle-down effects that are the natural consequences of a cooling sun are simply too abstract for a generation raised on television and music videos. They can look right at it but they can't see it. The brains just aren't there anymore.

War, famine, disease, anarchy.

The reason the effect is not instantaneous is because of the water vapor in the atmosphere and in the Earth's oceans. Notice how a hot water bottle will retain some heat many hours after the temperature around you has declined to lethal, freezing levels? That's the same phenomenon down here.

The Sun has been snuffed out. It's taking a while for the oceans and the air to cool completely in response. When they reach equilibrium with solar output, it's going to make THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW look like a children's animated Christmas special.

Lots of people other than me have known that this was coming for a long time

The Russians know itz coming and this is part of their nuclear war fighting strategy. They are expecting conflicts over resources and they recognize they have to be able to repel an American invasion of the Caspian fields.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

CadorBolin said...

What do you make of the following:

"However, the thermal inertia of the world's oceans and seas will delay a 'deep cooling' of the planet, and the new Ice Age will begin sometime during 2055-2060, probably lasting for several decades," Abdusamatov said.

Anonymous said...

Why is a re-run of 1790-1830 (the Dalton minimum) going to spell the end of civilization?

CadorBolin said...

White males need not apply in the new Obama regime:

After 10+ years in the political wilderness eating humble pie, these power-mad crypto-commies are starting to show their true colors

I understand the concept of infrastructure deficit spending--I don't agree with it but basically it means that if you want a First World economy, you need a First World infrastructure.

So the money is now going to go towards affirmative action hires who will sit around and twiddle their thumbs all day because there will be artificial demand for them. They get the free money while the new projects go over budget and never really get completed.

Notice the seething hatred and contempt these socialists show for 'highly skilled' tradesworkers. There's a reason why whitey decided to go to community college and become electricians, plumbers and framers--all of the unskilled work now goes towards unskilled minority affirmative action hires. You discriminate against whitey and he'll find another way to make money.

Texas Arcane said...

I believe the quote from Abdusamtov is wishful thinking. You have to keep in mind it's only recently (past 3 months) they were able to concede this is an Ice Age coming in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Despite what ice cores tell them, I think they are displaying that familiar human tendency to move unpleasant events far enough into the future that their children will have to cope. Admitting they are the ones who have to cope, now, is still a bit premature. They will wait until the superfrost is creeping down the steeples of their buildings before they are willing to admit it is happening now.