Friday, January 9, 2009

Climate Cooling + Volcanism = EXTINCTION EVENT

Vault-Co has talked about this subject many, many times.

If you've got extreme climate cooling as an Ice Age cycle is beginning and supervolcanos are synchronized to go off around the same time that Ice Ages start, what do you think happens to the average temperatures on Earth with the ash shroud that results from the eruption(s) encircling the globe?

Strange animal behaviour in wilderness and inhabited areas around Yellowstone

Scroll down in blog to see numerous anecdotal evidence of evacuation activity by local animals including bull oxen running right down of the middle of the highway at noon. Do you know what that bull is thinking to itself? ITZ COMING.

What would be the zone of ashfall after a major eruption?

Vault-Co has been reporting on this for many, many years

Read this right through to the end. There's a clue in there almost anybody can recognize for themselves that there is something significant happening.

Is this Ice Age Cycle a new Maunder minimum ... or a new Dalton Minimum?

The good news - Robert Felix believes that diamonds literally rain from the sky during the magnetic reversal extinction event. That's just plain cool.

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In conjunction with all of this, you might want to take a look at this site and see what's been going on over in yellowstone park this past week.

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