Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Britain : Too Little Too Late

Like the poor Carthaginians before the Romans destroyed them, they have discovered their own foolishness far too late.

Britain is absolutely screwed. That nation is completely ruined and there is no going back for any of them.


CadorBolin said...

They divide firearms ownders by first getting hunters to be apathetic or hostile to those who want to own hand guns.

So where were those fox hunters when they banned handguns? That is a legitimate question.

zwick said...

Tex, when the Australian government banned guns did it include shotguns? I remember the gut wrenching videos of thousands of rifles(including alot of Enfields) being destroyed in a crusher. What a damn shame. And, of course, home invasion skyrocketed.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry the video is no longer available." I got that at4:54 pm Thursday (Sydney time).
I think that tells us about all we need to know about the state of affairs in the once all powerfull

Anonymous said...

Damn I'm embarresed,seems to be back up.Still that was highly unusual.Maybe now they just pull everything until it can be reviewed and deemed ok for public consumption.
The barons of Magna Carta would be on full automatic and standing in spent cartridges by now.There's something for folks to do.Read the Magna Carta paying special attention to article 61.
Aw who cares anyway ? Anyone who is gonna make it out has left already,I think we are going to have to accept there are no more survivors,and those distress signals are just tricks to trap the gullible and in an ambush.

Texas Arcane said...

Zwick, technically shotguns are still legal but I believe limited to two rounds. They are doing their best to outlaw them, of course.

Just like in Britain, the illegal arms trade is growing unbelievably large here and fostering a whole new crime wave from the gangs that deal in arms. Just like in Britain, the government is in denial about all of it even as they see it happening.

Aussies are not exactly rocket scientists, for the most part. There is a small aristocracy of highly intelligent people in Australia but they are not well represented in government compared to the man-ape yobs who support anything totalitarian wholeheartedly.