Monday, January 26, 2009

Barry Soetoro Is Not President Of the U.S.

"But he is, because he is standing behind people with military grade arms. Therefore, we must accept him as President."

Many years were spent by Bama's handlers trying to actually change the U.S. Constitutional requirement for citizenship before he arrived. Why would they bother with such an odd pursuit unless they knew that B.O. was not qualified? It seems it was an overarching obsession with them. How strange if Obama is legally qualified to run for President.

Big, big money behind Barack for the past ten years. Big money. Limitless money.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, B.O. was born in the USA as his birth announcement proves.

Anonymous said...

Satans pockets run deep. Lets all pray someone quickly kills this spawn of lucifer mock president we've got.

Anonymous said...

A birth announcement is sufficient proof? Ah hah hah hah!! Thanks for the laughs. Ah haha hahh hah haa!!!!

Anonymous said...

you're not seriously putting up a wiki link as proof of anything, surely?

Anonymous said...

Of course a birth announcement is sufficient proof. Millions of people in Hawaii can go to the local library and read the archived copy of that paper.

Incidentally, wikileaks is an astounding source of hidden/suppressed info, verified as much as possible by its editorial staff.

Texas Arcane should check it out.
If he posted a link from it, you would not question it.