Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back To The Dark Ages

The government consists by and large of the worst elements in the entire human population. Such people are drawn to the arbitrary power conferred on people who attain control of government institutions.

Most of the time, the government is a finely woven fishing net that is designed by it's nature to be drawn through the sea of men and catch all the rusty license plates, toilet seats, rotten rubber boots and poisonous sea snakes and leave all the good fish behind.

Once established, the subconscious hunch that they are unredeemed scum causes most government employees to engage in ever more radical seizures of power over their fellow man so as to justify their own jobs, which they sense at some level are not really legitimate. The nagging suspicion in the back of their heads is that they are garbage people who probably could not get real day jobs if their lives depended on it. Even worse, this subliminal impression they have constantly sniping at them is in most cases very accurate. They can't do anything about it. As Milton Friedman once said, it is the awful burden of the knowledge of their own mediocrity that turns them into tyrants as a form of overcompensation.

Sooner or later, people given too much power are utterly corrupted by it and it is exactly the kind of person attracted to government bureaucracy who will be corrupted the worst.


Anonymous said...

Well, the advantage of fluorescent lightbulbs is that they consume far less KWh and you don't have to change them as often.

I use them in my solar-powered retreat, for example.

"The low-energy fluorescent bulbs can trigger skin rashes, migraines and epilepsy."

I suppose we could find anecdotal evidence for the harmful health effects of candles if one tried hard enough.

But then, I changed to fluorescent voluntarily. I do despise the government changing things by dictat--I despise ethanol, but now I'll be forced to put 5% ethanol in my car.

B Horror Movie Reviews said...

"The law of unintended consequences is what happens when a simple system tries to regulate a complex system"

I mentioned unintended consequences in a previous post before even clicking on the article.

I'm not psychic or anything--strange.

Anonymous said...

You might want to try LED bulbs instead of fluorescent ones, 50k to 100k hour lifespan, .5 - 2.5 watts power consumption at 12volts but with up to 1 million candle power, ideal for solar systems. I came across these little gems and replaced my halogen bulbs with them, they fit into halogen sockets so they're great for my shelter though a little on the pricey side unless you get a deal on them on ebay or someplace. Also, if you are using your own form of air filtration rather then the packaged deal for thousands of dollars, just try a permeanent filter you can get at Lowes for $20, it attracts dust and such like those ionic jobs, just wash it off and replace, they are sized to fit in your normal unit at home which is a similar design I am using with my shelter using marine bilge pumps to force in air which passes through a UV chamber and heating coil with a thermostat for central heat in the winter.

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Anonymous said...

And which is the more dangerous pollutant - the CO2 emitted by the electric plant, or the mercury used in fluorescent lamps? Hmmmm?