Friday, January 16, 2009

20th Century Astronomy Was A Vast Boondoggle

Red shift means nothing. Stars don't collapse. There are no such things as black holes.

There was never a Big Bang. The Universe is infinite in every direction you look. Space isn't curved and it doesn't fold back on itself in a talmudic self-referential nightmare.

All gibberish. Every word of it. Face it, you've been lied to. 'Bout most everything.

The job of journalists used to be just to report the news, back in 1974. By the mid-1980's their primary function was to manufacture it from scratch and then make it happen. The "popularization" of "science" that people like Carl Sagan were always crowing about was in fact a turn back towards the irrationality of the Dark Ages which Sagan claimed to want to avoid.

... if redshifts are not primarily velocity-shifts, the picture is simple and plausible. There is no evidence of expansion and no restriction of time-scale, no trace of spatial curvature, and no limitation of spatial dimensions.

- Edwin Hubble (1937)


zwick said...

Didn't that pathetic phony Stephen Hawking come out a few years ago in front of a prestigious body of his "peers" and admit he was dead wrong about black holes? Imagine ones whole life's work being a total waste of time? And still he's honored. Kinda like Einstein...honored, but still a phony.

trueaim said...

As far as Astronomy is concerned the deception has been remarkable, the scale of the hoax, how complete it has been. One has to be careful as you cannot just come right out and tell the truth about the Universe, truth that has been known for thousands of years, if you say it, the cattle classes won't believe you, they really believe what Discovery Channel told them, they believe their high school text books. As if anybody wouldn't lie.

Put it this way, if you would like to get some idea of how the solar system operates your starting point is Geocentric, the Earth is not a planet it is something else and it never moves, it's completely stationary......

Texas Arcane said...
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Alexander Supertramp said...

People will believe anything that they are told in school, in a newspaper or by a person with a degree. How many people do you know that believe Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the world when the truth is he was mudered and devoured by cannibals in the Phillipines when still a continent and a half away from completing the voyage? The bigger the lie the more people will believe it. If you weren't there then it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

You have totally taken Edwin Hubble comment out of context. The IF implies that there is no other explanation for the red shift.

Your smarter that this - fix your error!